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Consumer IT Watch

IDC's Consumer IT Watch service provides you with an overview of what is happening in the consumer information technology space. It highlights top findings from IDC's newest research and strategic analysis of the latest industry news, covering all things consumer information technology from mobile platforms and applications, new media, advertising and ecommerce, multiscreen video, gaming, media tablets, and mobile phones to PCs and displays. Examples of topics this service covers are the introduction of new technologies, new business models, and new products; the announcement of strategic partnerships and mergers and acquisitions; and coverage of the mobile, social, cloud, and big data megatrends.

Markets and Subjects Analyzed

  • Mobile internet, mobile platforms, and applications
  • Digital advertising and programmatic advertising
  • Multiscreen video
  • Gaming
  • Wearables
  • Media tablets and eeaders
  • Mobile phones
  • PCs and displays
  • Highlights from IDC's market models: The Digital Advertising Market Model (DAMM) and the Programmatic Advertising Forecast, the New Media Market Model (NMMM), ConsumerScape 360, and the Worldwide Consumer Market Model (WCMM)
  • New business models and distribution channels for traditional IT and media players
  • Mergers and acquisitions, partnerships, cooperation, and investment opportunities

Core Research

  • Weekly IDC Links, Flashes, and Insights covering major news events that will impact the digital marketplace

In addition to the insight provided in this service, IDC may conduct research on specific topics or emerging market segments via research offerings that require additional IDC funding and client investment.

Key Questions Answered

  1. What are the major events shaping the consumer IT space?
  2. What are the short- and long-term consequences of current happenings for IDC's clients?
  3. How will acquisitions and partnerships impact the market and competitors?
  4. Who are the new rising stars of the consumer IT space?
  5. Which vendors are best positioned to take advantage of this space to compete and dominate?
  6. Which technologies are reshaping the competitive landscape?
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