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European Multicloud Infrastructure

Datacenter infrastructure is rapidly evolving as digital transformation initiatives drive the need for greater IT agility, developer-friendly infrastructure, and industrial robustness at scale. This transformation process has propelled cloud to mainstream use in Europe, as IT buyers now want to consume their infrastructure instead of purchasing upfront. Digital workloads such as Big Data and the Internet of Things are driving new designs for datacenter architectures, as well as demands for ever greater data security. IDC's European Multicloud Infrastructure research identifies and analyzes the opportunities, technologies, and trends in this complex and rapidly developing business area, covering European infrastructure building blocks for cloud, converged and hyperconverged systems, datacenter cooling, the service provider market, and cloud management software market. This service provides the market intelligence necessary to help product, marketing, and strategic planning professionals develop successful business strategies.

Markets and Subjects Analyzed

  • Datacenter and IT infrastructure transformation
  • Multicloud readiness and end-user requirements
  • Service provider infrastructure spending and key requirements
  • Multicloud management software (orchestration, automation)
  • New pay-as-you-grow purchasing models for on-premise equipment
  • Containers, Open Compute, OpenStack, and other approaches
  • Cloud infrastructure compliance within European regulation including Code of Conducts
  • Next-generation datacenters (containers, modular datacenters, etc.)
  • Workloads migration trends between cloud environments
  • Converged and hyperconverged systems
  • European datacenter cooling market and strategies

Core Research

  • European Multicloud Management PeerScape
  • Multicloud in Europe — Scenarios and Implications for IT Buyers
  • Comparative Analysis of Major European Cloud Code of Conducts
  • Market Analysis Perspective: EMEA Infrastructure for Multicloud, 2019
  • How Edge Computing is Reshaping IoT for European Enterprises
  • Western Europe Cloud System Management Market Share and Forecast, 2018–2023
  • Infrastructure Learnings from Interviews with European xSPs
  • Consumption Models for On-Premise Infrastructure in Europe
  • Multicloud Readiness in Europe: 2018 Survey Highlights
  • EMEA Service Provider Infrastructure Research – Data and Insights

In addition to the insight provided in this service, IDC may conduct research on specific topics or emerging market segments via research offerings that require additional IDC funding and client investment.

Key Questions Answered

  1. What is the impact of multicloud transformation on datacenter infrastructure in Europe?
  2. How can European IT buyers orchestrate multicloud with hardware, software, and process adjustments?
  3. How quickly is European datacenter infrastructure spending moving from on-premise to the cloud?
  4. Who are the key providers of multicloud hardware and software in the European market?
  5. What do different European service providers need to build a successful multicloud business?
  6. What are the readiness levels and major challenges for IT buyers building multicloud in Europe?
  7. How are European buyers consuming their on-premise IT infrastructure?
  8. What are the key annual market shares of system management software vendors in Western Europe?

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Senior Research Analyst, European Server Team

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Research Analyst