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IDC Government Insights: European Government Digital Transformation Strategies

The European Government Digital Transformation Strategies advisory service informs and supports national and regional and city government executives about digital transformation in the context of policy and organizational changes. The program delivers insights about IT suppliers to governments designing their strategy, setting up efficient and transparent governance, and selecting products and services. The emphasis is on delivering tools and techniques that can be used to act on the advice provided — self-assessment tools, checklists, models, and other practical applications. The service also offers advice on strategic IT developments in the European education industry with a particular focus on the changing learning experience and smart campus solutions.


This service provides the guidance and tools needed to simplify complex decision-making processes associated with introducing technology-enabled change and delivers actionable recommendations. To better understand the current and potential role of ICT in moving the public sector modernization agenda forward, relevant data is collected through IDC Government Insights' proprietary research projects, along with ongoing communications with industry experts, local and central government, and technology vendors, complemented by secondary research from conferences, publications, and third-party news sources.

Topics Addressed

Throughout the year, the European Government Digital Transformation Strategies advisory service covers a broad range of topics, including:

  • Digital transformation Digital services will help governments offer a consistent, convenient, contextual omni-channel experience for constituents. But to realize the benefits, government executives need to realign processes and technologies to move from siloed to integrated and collaborative service delivery that support the omni-experience, through cloud, big data and analytics, and mobile.
  • Smart Cities – Technologies like IoT, big data and analytics, cognitive computing, and robotics are changing the way cities deliver public safety, intelligent transportation, public health, and egovernment services.
  • Information transformation Government treats data as a strategic asset so that information becomes the currency of reduced waste, enhanced personalization of services, and real-time situational awareness.
  • The future of learning Students seamlessly blend digital omni-channels to make the end-to-end learning experience personalized, integrated, immersive, and interactive.
  • Smart campus Digital campus operations are leveraged as a competitive differentiator to attract the best students and faculty and to continuously improve operational excellence.

Key Questions Answered

Our research addresses the following issues that are critical to your success:

  • How will CIOs evolve their planning, organizational, and management toolkit to take advantage of 3rd Platform (cloud computing, social business, big data and analytics, and mobile) in an affordable and financially sustainable way?
  • How can CIOs help leverage the opportunities for more effective replication and integration of methodologies and processes for collaboration, instead of building more silos, while protecting privacy?
  • Will the CIO be able to partner with non-IT executives to embrace a new round of innovation brought by robotics, cognitive computing, and IoT?
  • Who are the ICT suppliers that can support the transition toward 3rd Platform?
  • How can CIOs in schools, universities, and colleges leverage mobile computing, cloud, big data, and social media to improve services offered to students?

Who Should Subscribe

Our research is designed to guide public sector IT investment decisions, help public sector IT executives plan for future technology needs, provide insights into measurable best practices, and provide information about vendor technology offerings. We also offer the opportunity for subscribers to engage in an open dialog with our expert analysts to support key investment strategies.

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