Consumer Pulse 2022: Platinum

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IDC's Consumer Pulse 2022: Platinum provides an in-depth look at consumers' attitudes, usage, and adoption of technology across eight facets of their lives: housing, entertainment, money, shopping, personal mobility, travel and dining, lifelong learning, and well-being. Delivered quarterly, this product is focused on the factors driving the current and near-term market (with an eye to the future) across generations around the globe.

Markets and Subjects Analyzed

  • Home and entertainment: The home is increasingly a multipurpose location where people work, live, learn, enjoy entertainment, exercise, and more. This segment also addresses connectivity, smart home, entertainment, social media, productivity, recent and future trends, and unmet needs and pain points.
  • Money and shopping: Technology continues to drive changes in the way that consumers shop for, buy, and pay for products and services and engage with brands, including through augmented and virtual reality. This segment explores how consumers plan for their financial future and retirement as well as the perceptions of payment alternatives, blockchain technology, and their impact on daily life.
  • Personal mobility and travel/dining: How people get to places continues to change with the evolution of vehicle powertrains (hybrid and electric), autonomous driving, forms of vehicle access (ownership, sharing, and subscription), and app-based transportation services. This segment also addresses the role of technology in travel and dining, including the new and emerging sectors such as food delivery apps and Airbnb/Vrbo.
  • Lifelong learning and well-being: As consumers live longer, education has become a lifelong endeavor, fueling career and personal growth and progress as well as the pursuit of ongoing interests in life's later years. This segment looks at how consumers use technology to pursue a happier, healthier life.

Core Research

Consumer Pulse Themes

  • Quarterly 60-Minute Readout with Key Findings and Essential Guidance
  • Country-Level Banner Books with Detailed Splits
  • Worldwide Summary Report (seven-market synthesis)
  • Home and Entertainment: 1Q22
  • Money and Shopping: 2Q22
  • Personal Mobility and Travel/Dining: 3Q22
  • Lifelong Learning and Well-Being: 4Q22
  • Seven Key Markets: United States, United Kingdom, Germany, China, Japan, Brazil, and Turkey

Purchase and Brand Trust Indices

  • Quarterly Reports with Key Findings and Essential Guidance
  • United States only
  • IDC's Consumer Tech Purchase Index (Produced through continuous fieldwork, this index is an important indicator of consumer propensity to spend on devices and tech-enabled services.)
  • IDC's Brand Trust Index (Executed through quarterly fieldwork, this index measures the level of consumer trust in 40 different tech brands and provides an actionable diagnosis with clear prioritization.)

Key Questions Answered

  1. How is the increasingly multipurpose role of the home impacting consumers' evolving connectivity, software, and app needs?
  2. How do consumers' entertainment preferences continue to evolve? How are video, audio, gaming, and content creation evolving?
  3. How are consumer shopping habits changing? How do the physical and online worlds continue to interact and merge? How are consumer preferences for engaging with companies changing?
  4. How are consumer usage and preferences for traditional and digital currency and alternative payment solutions changing?
  5. COVID-19 slowed the shift to ride sharing. How is interest in hybrid electric, battery electric, and autonomous vehicles evolving? Who is the most interested? When will we reach a tipping point?
  6. The pandemic prompted much adaptation and innovation in travel and dining, fueling app-based services. How will things trend?
  7. Is online learning a COVID-19-driven fad or a sustainable long-term trend? How much of it is free versus paid? How do you succeed?
  8. How are consumers using technology to support their physical fitness and mental well-being? What is the role of wearables? apps?

Companies Covered