Factsheet (Doc #IDC_P16386 / Feb 5, 2021)
Consumer Technology Strategy Service: Platinum

IDC's Consumer Technology Strategy Service: Platinum provides B2C stakeholders with high-quality insights to support the success and growth of their consumer-facing strategies and actions. The service leverages a system of frequent surveys to provide robust data and analysis of how and why U.S. consumers buy and use technology, the brands they trust, and related trends. Consumer attitudes, needs, and behavior are constantly evolving. The brands that succeed do so by anticipating and meeting those needs and delivering an outstanding relationship and experience. This service provides B2C business units with the full view of the consumer they need to anticipate and meet changing consumer needs and to outperform their competitors.

Markets and Subjects Analyzed

  • The impact of COVID-19 and other trends on consumer attitudes, behavior, technology usage, adoption, and spending
  • Device and service penetration, profiles, and future consideration
  • Consumer technology expenditures (across all categories of devices and services), detailed share of wallet, subscription "fatigue"
  • Current technology usage, future consideration, purchase horizon, and intent; feature and benefit desirability; attitudes and triggers
  • Adoption/growth drivers and inhibitors
  • Satisfaction, Net Promoter Score (NPS), unmet needs, pain points, and sources of friction in the user experience
  • Preferred technology brands by category and overall; brand trust and stretch ("extendability")
  • The role of ecosystems in driving superior market results
  • How consumer behavior in one category translates to other categories
  • The future of the evolving consumer technology marketplace

Core Research (United States Only)

  • Quarterly 60-Minute Webinar with Key Findings and Essential Guidance (1-to-1)
  • The Consumer Technology Landscape: 2021
  • Consumer Device and Service Penetration and Profiles
  • Consumer Device Replacement Rates by Form Factor (Pivot Tables with Dashboard)
  • Consumer Technology Spending (Share of Wallet, IDC Purchase Index, IDC Subscription Index Addressing Subscription "Fatigue")
  • Consumer Technology Brand Sentiment (IDC Brand Trust Index)
  • Consumer Usage, NPS, Preferences, and Future Intent (Reports for Smartphones, PCs, Tablets, Smart TVs/Streaming Devices, Smart Homes, Gaming, Video Content, Mobile Service, Wearables)
  • Ask the Consumer (ATC): Opportunity for Subscribers to Include Five Questions in an IDC Consumer Survey for Exclusive Client Use
  • Four Unique Documents, Including (1) Our Annual Services and Subscriptions Deep Dive (2) U.S. Technology Consumer Segmentation (3) Technology Brand Trust Across Categories (4) Ecosystems – Beyond Apple

In addition to the insight provided in this service, IDC may conduct research on specific topics or emerging market segments via research offerings that require additional IDC funding and client investment.

Key Questions Answered

  1. How has the consumer landscape evolved YoY? Spend? Buyer profiles? Which devices and services are poised for growth?
  2. How do consumers use the devices/services they have? How is behavior changing? What are pain points/needs? Future plans? What is the penetration of each device or service? What is the profile of current users? Who will buy next?
  3. How are consumer media habits changing? How does this impact interest in media and entertainment services? Other services?
  4. What is driving current market dynamics? How is consumer demand and spend shifting? Why? Where should we focus?
  5. Our company is exploring a new segment of interest. What data do you have that will give us a snapshot of that segment?
  6. How can we best improve our performance by closing the gap to the best-in-class competitor? What should we prioritize?
  7. Which brands do consumers trust most? What can others learn? Which have earned consumer licenses to extend into new areas?
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