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Canadian IT Wallet

Money spent for new client acquisition yields less and less in the modern marketplace, and in turn, the "share of wallet" has become a more relevant measure of success than "market share." Therefore, keeping and growing customers over time become more important than simply acquiring new customers. Indeed, selling existing clients more products or services, and doing so more frequently, should be the number 1 goal of any company because doing so yields higher returns. The total amount of money a customer can spend on a certain product category is a vital piece of information for planning and managing sales and marketing efforts. IDC's Canadian IT Wallet is designed to deliver this insight and help Canada's IT community assess its wallet share.

Subjects Analyzed

IDC's Canadian IT Wallet is an Excel pivot table providing clients estimates into the historical and expected technology spend of Canada's leading corporations. Segmented into hardware, software, services, telecommunications, and internal spend, the Canadian IT Wallet provides Canada's IT community insights into the available opportunity — and ultimately its own wallet share — within its key accounts and views into how that might change.

Companies, Markets, and Industries Covered

Over 2,200 medium-sized and large business entities are included in the Canadian IT Wallet:

  • Corporate entities: The Canadian IT Wallet will have approximately 600 unique Canadian-headquartered companies plus approximately 1,600 multinational business entities operating in Canada.
  • Segmentation: There are 39 vertical segments (no government/public sector accounts), employee size bands, Canadian-headquartered companies versus multinationals, and views into technology spend (hardware, software, services, telecommunications, and internal IT spend).
  • New company additions: IDC is willing to add up to 10 additional companies at the express wish of Canadian IT Wallet customers, dependent on the availability of corporate metrics required to meet the IT wallet's analytical requirements.

Key Questions Answered

Our research addresses the following issues that are critical to your success:

  1. What is the IT investment focus of my top-tier accounts? How is this expected to change, and how do I need to structure my sales and partnering strategies to align with this focus?
  2. What is the growth potential within my accounts? Where can I expect the biggest return for my sales investment?
  3. How can I effectively track improved share of wallet? How can I show the success of my sales team in a declining market?
  4. How can I increase my wallet share within an account? Is there room for growth in my primary category of customer spend, or do I have to do it by reducing competitive margins on ancillary products?

IDC's IT Wallet Process

Service Benefits

IDC's Canadian IT Wallet research service arms IT vendors with an estimation of the dollar opportunities of approximately 2,200 enterprises operating in Canada. The research provided within this service allows vendors to:

  • Discover how much key accounts are spending on IT in their Canadian operations, enabling sales to allocate resources more effectively
  • Tackle sales aggressively by identifying new Canadian prospects to grow their business and identifying ways to grow the value of existing customers

Timely Delivery and Support

IDC delivers the Canadian IT wallet twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring, in the form of a standard Excel pivot table. IDC analysts are available for questions on the data contained within the wallet throughout the year.


In October, IDC will deliver its views on spending allocations within the Canadian IT Wallet tool for CY15–CY17. This deliverable will include spending priority estimates for ~600 unique Canadian buying entities, plus an additional ~1,600 multinational companies operating in Canada.


IDC will deliver an update to the October pivot table, with updated insights into the forecast spending estimates made in the previous deliverable.

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