China Cloud Market

Both public and private cloud grew rapidly in the past years. To better understand the cloud evolvement in the PRC, IDC's China Cloud Market will enable clients to further understand this market development in terms of end-user market size, share, future outlook, cloud development conditions, challenges, opportunities behind, and so forth.

Markets and Subjects Analyzed

  • Public cloud service market by segmentation such as PaaS
  • Public cloud and private cloud spending
  • Cloud-enabling technology markets such as SDN and hyperconverged
  • Commercial datacenter service
  • End-user survey results

Core Research

  • China Public Cloud Spending Forecast
  • China Private Cloud Spending Forecast

In addition to the insight provided in this service, IDC may conduct research on specific topics or emerging market segments via research offerings that require additional IDC funding and client investment.

Key Questions Answered

  1. Have end-user perspectives and preferences for public and private cloud services on technologies, applications, payment terms, and partnership changed?
  2. How big is the public cloud market by segmentation? And what is the vendor share?
  3. How big is the cloud-enabling technology market? And what is the vendor share?
  4. How big is the public cloud and private cloud spending market?

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Vice President, Emerging Technology Research