Türkiye IT Service Opportunities and Digital Business Strategies

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Photo of Asli Kockal
Asli Kockal

Research Manager, Systems & Infrastructure Solutions, Turkey

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Ayse Kaptanoglu

Research Manager, Turkey

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Eren Eser

Associate Research Director, IDC

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Melih Murat

Associate Research Director, IT Services & Software (META), IDC

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IDC's Türkiye IT Service Opportunities and Digital Business Strategies subscription service provides an in-depth view of tech-buyer adoption trends in the Türkiye ICT market. The report series leverages various end-user survey results and discusses specific trends and implications in Türkiye. Combining detailed market trends with market insights and outlook, key indicators and analysis, and profiles of emerging demographics and services opportunities, the CIS is an indispensable source of strategic market information for telecom operators, IT services providers, and IT hardware and software vendors already active in Türkiye, as well as for others seeking to understand opportunities in this rapidly expanding market.

Markets and Subjects Analyzed

  • The state of digital business
  • ICT outlook and trends
  • The CIO's agenda
  • Public cloud services
  • IT services
  • Sustainability transformation
  • Security solutions
  • Enterprise application software

Core Research

  • Hybrid Cloud Transformation in Türkiye, 2022
  • Türkiye Security Services Market Share, 2022
  • Türkiye Security Products Market Shares, 2022
  • Public Cloud Services Market Shares, 2022: Cloud Supremacy
  • Türkiye IT Services Market Shares, 2022: Competitive Landscape in the Digital Business Era
  • Discovering How META's Digital Leaders Approach IT Infrastructure in 2023: Top Takeaways
  • Türkiye Public Cloud Services Market Forecast, 2023–2028
  • Türkiye Security Services Market Forecast, 2023–2028
  • Türkiye IT Services Market Forecast, 2023–2028
  • The Cloud Agenda of IT Executives in Türkiye
  • CISO Security Agenda in Türkiye, 2024–2025
  • The CIO's 2024 Digital Business Agenda: Türkiye Perspective

In addition to the insight provided in this service, IDC may conduct research on specific topics or emerging market segments via research offerings that require additional IDC funding and client investment.

Key Questions Answered

  1. What is the state of ICT demand in Türkiye?
  2. How can operators leverage managed services to capture new revenue streams in the enterprise market?
  3. What strategies can ICT vendors and services companies employ to tap into opportunities in Türkiye?
  4. What are the new and emerging ICT markets in Türkiye?
  5. What are the key ICT trends and developments, and how will they impact ICT usage and spending in Türkiye?
  6. What is currently on the CIO's agenda in Türkiye?
  7. What are the prospects for emerging technologies in Türkiye?
  8. What strategies can ICT vendors and services companies adopt to tap into digital transformation opportunities in Türkiye?
  9. What factors and trends are impacting the adoption of security solutions in Türkiye?
  10. What factors and trends are impacting the adoption of cloud solutions in Türkiye?