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IDC Manufacturing Insights: Global Digital Supply Chain Networks and Planning Strategies

The IDC Manufacturing Insights: Global Digital Supply Chain Networks and Planning Strategies advisory service arms manufacturing companies with the specific knowledge necessary to globally deploy extended supply chain planning capabilities, implement supply chain business networks, and better manage supporting business processes. These business process investments drive interest in research that helps manufacturers and their business partners make more insightful and informed decisions on the deployment of global supply chain planning strategies and supporting technology applications. Forward-looking research, combined with fact-based analysis of successful global supply chain planning strategies, provides clients with practical ways to better manage supply chain trade-offs, support changing business models, improve service performance, and better understand customer and consumer relationships while minimizing cost.


This advisory service develops unique data-driven analysis and research through IDC Manufacturing Insights' proprietary research projects, along with ongoing communications with industry experts, manufacturing executives and practitioners, and product and service vendors. To ensure relevance, our analysts work with both subscribers and other manufacturing industry thought leaders to identify and prioritize specific topics to be covered in research reports. Our analysts are also available to provide individualized advice for manufacturing executives and vendors to help them make better informed decisions.

Topics Addressed

Throughout the year, this service will address the following topics:

  • Trends and predictions for global supply chain planning, including production planning, supply planning, sales and operations planning, demand planning and sensing, and the broader alignment with integrated business planning
  • Better understanding of the critical role of the supply chain in supporting and enabling new business models and services
  • The transformative role of business networks and other digital technologies
  • Supply chain planning best practices, both across manufacturing and within specific value chains
  • Global supply chain planning strategies and the unique perspectives of risk and benefit
  • Emerging supply chain planning and related technologies and their impact on business processes and innovation
  • Business, organizational, and infrastructure technology priorities for each geographic region
  • Successful customer and supplier relationships — how to measure best practices?

Key Questions Answered

Our research addresses the following issues that are critical to your success:

  1. What role does the modern supply chain, and digital supply chain planning specifically, play in the broader business strategy for manufacturers?
  2. How are digital technologies, and digital transformation in general, impacting supply chain planning?
  3. What are the unique perspectives for supply chain business processes within each geographical region, including emerging regions of design and manufacturing?
  4. What is the key role for integrated business planning, both today and into the future?
  5. What is the key role for cloud-based business networks, both today and in the future?
  6. What defines successful customer and supplier relationships?
  7. How are innovative technologies, processes, and applications shaping the future of supply chain planning?
  8. What supply chain technology tools and applications have the most value for your particular business and supply chain strategies? Which technology vendors should you look at to solve a particular business problem?

Who Should Subscribe

The IDC Manufacturing Insights: Global Digital Supply Chain Networks and Planning Strategies advisory service is ideally suited to support the needs of line-of-business executives and managers, CIOs, senior IT managers, and IT support groups supporting manufacturing and supply chain programs and initiatives, as well as marketing executives and directors of product marketing supporting manufacturing and supply chain technology.

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