European Digital Business Strategies

European CEOs and C-suites are increasingly looking at digital capabilities as the primary lever when responding to business challenges and delivering key organizational priorities. According to IDC's Future Enterprise Resilience and Spending Survey (February 2022), 95% of European organizations recognize the need for a digital-first strategy. But with more companies going through their digital transformation (DX) efforts, those that lead the pack should keep adapting and innovating at an even faster pace to maintain their competitive advantage in the race to the future digitally enabled enterprise. In this new digital business era the focus will be less on transforming the business and more on running a digital business. IDC's European Digital Business Strategies service looks at the realities of European digital business by focusing on tangible examples of exceptional digital leadership, case studies, hard data, and vendor strategies across all industries.

Markets and Subjects Analyzed

  • Current and future trends shaping digital demand in Europe
  • Digital road maps, strategic priorities, and driving use cases
  • C-suite dynamics, pain points, business and technology priorities
  • New business models and ecosystems
  • KPIs and metrics to assess the impact of digital
  • New organizational structures and ways of working to drive innovation
  • The evolving technology architecture enabling business outcomes
  • Clear and actionable examples of digital leaders
  • Market sizing and forecast

Core Research

  • Strategic frameworks driving digital business model innovation
  • The role of the CEO, CIO, and other C-level executives and functional leads in driving change
  • Assessing success — KPIs, metrics, and overall value of DX
  • Digital maturity for Europe
  • Digital Spending Forecast, 2022–2026
  • Business and investment priorities
  • Enterprise strategies and plans
  • Vendor strategies and positioning
  • Case studies with industry-specific examples of business and operational model transformation

In addition to the insight provided in this service, IDC may conduct research on specific topics or emerging market segments via research offerings that require additional IDC funding and client investment.

Key Questions Answered

  1. What new digital business models have emerged and how are enterprises making them work?
  2. What new digital operational models have emerged and how are enterprises making them work?
  3. What trends are driving enterprise change? What is the role of the IT supplier? How is it changing?
  4. How is digital impacting specific industries? For example, how is banking different to retail or manufacturing?
  5. How can IT suppliers help customers set priorities and achieve their goals? How can IT suppliers help enterprises address their main challenges?
  6. What are the digital priorities of the CEO, CIO, and entire C-suite?
  7. How can IT suppliers use maturity assessments to better position themselves and their services?
  8. What are the components of the technology architecture of the future?

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European Digital Transformation Practice Lead, IDC

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