Factsheet (Doc #IDC_P329 / Jul 28, 2020)
European Verticals: Use Cases and Strategies

IDC's European Verticals: Use Cases and Strategies service analyzes industry trends in Europe, covering business and IT strategies, macroeconomic events impact, vendors' vertical strategies and emerging technologies trends by industry and use case. The service enables vendors to put in place and optimize their vertical go-to-market strategy, to survive and thrive in a volatile macro environment and to identify the use cases that are driving tech disruption. Through its Vertical Innovation Index, the service provides an overview of IT intensity and innovation propensity across verticals, highlighting European industries maturity and sweet spots, while its VSX Matrix compares vendors vertical strategy against competition, pinpointing those characteristics that make a market vertical strategy successful.

Markets and Subjects Analyzed

  • Key vertical markets: banking, insurance, securities and investment services, discrete and process manufacturing, retail, wholesale, communications, media, utilities, transportation, professional services, personal and consumer services, construction, resources, central and local government, healthcare, education, and consumer
  • Vertical markets in the European economy: structure and performance indicators
  • Business and IT requirements by vertical market
  • Macroeconomic events and COVID-19 impact assessment across Industries in Europe
  • Vendor strategies and initiatives: The IT Vendors' Vertical Strategy and Execution (VSX) European Matrix for vendors positioning and comparison against competition
  • Digital Transformation (DX) and key digital pillars: Cloud, Big Data, Mobile, Social Media
  • Emerging technologies across European Industries: IoT, ARVR, Robotics, AI, 3D Printing, Blockchain, Edge, Quantum, Augmented Humanity and others
  • Analysis of 5-year spending forecasts by vertical
  • User survey analysis by vertical market

Core Research

  • European IT Spending by Vertical Market, Five-Year Forecast
  • European Vertical Markets: Benchmarking IT Against GDP and Total Employment
  • Business and IT Priorities in European Vertical Markets
  • European IT Spending — COVID-19 Impact across Industries
  • Macroeconomic assessment across Industries in Europe
  • European CxO: enabling vendors to gain from the shift toward Lines of Business (LOBs) in technology budgets
  • Cloud and Industries in Europe in 2021: An IDC Survey
  • Big Data Future Developments in European Vertical Markets in 2021
  • Artificial Intelligence: Leading Industries and Use Cases
  • Internet of Things Across European Vertical Markets: Opportunities and Use Cases, Building a Connected World — An IDC Survey
  • European Vertical Markets DX Landscape: A Use Case perspective
  • IDC's Innovation Accelerators in European Vertical Markets with a Use Case Perspective
  • Innovation index: which are the most innovative industries and why
  • VSX European Matrix for vendors vertical positioning

In addition to the insight provided in this service, IDC may conduct research on specific topics or emerging market segments via research offerings that require additional IDC funding and client investment.

Key Questions Answered

  1. Which verticals offer the best opportunities in Europe?
  2. How much will each industry spend on IT, and which technologies will attract incremental spending?
  3. How to steer a successful Vertical Go To Market in Europe and how vendors vertical strategies compare against each other?
  4. How to survive and thrive in a volatile European macro environment in 2020? How to survive in the COVID-19 era?
  5. Which is the impact of the shift toward Lines of Business (LOBs) in Technology Budgets?
  6. How will 3rd Platform adoption change spending patterns in organizations across verticals?
  7. What is driving Emerging Technologies adoption across industry sectors, and where is the ICT market heading?
  8. Which industries are innovation-driven and DX ready?
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