European Smart Connected Devices and Emerging Technologies

IDC's European Smart Connected Devices and Emerging Technologies service is designed to provide essential guidance to device manufacturers, telco operators, channel partners, software vendors, content and service providers, and app developers on the accelerated device development impacting the consumer and enterprise markets. The service is based on IDC's ongoing and extensive research into the European PC, tablet, mobile phone, and emerging drone and AR/VR technologies through a comprehensive range of research studies and end-user and channel surveys. The service analyzes consumer adoption of current and next-generation devices, how mobility and connectivity advances drive the deployment of new devices supporting business transformation across vertical sectors, the competitive landscape shaping a larger device ecosystem, and the opportunities offered to the entire industry in the context of increasing connectivity and accelerating technology development.

Markets and Subjects Analyzed

  • Smart connected devices: PCs, Tablets, Workstations, Smartphones, Wearables, Smart Home.
  • Next-generation devices: AR/VR, drones, robotic devices
  • Emerging technologies and expanding device landscape and usage grid
  • Connected home (device penetration, emerging technologies, and usage grid)
  • Workplace transformation: SMB and enterprise device adoption and opportunities
  • Competitive landscape, business models, and strategies
  • User choices (product, accessories, branding and solutions)
  • Consumer and B2B device channels: evolution and challenges

Core Research

  • The Smart Connected Device market in Europe — market update, forecast and developments
  • The Next-generation Device Opportunity — special WE reports: Wearables, AR/VR, Smart Home, Chromebooks
  • Connected Home — emerging technologies and growth opportunities, 2022–2026
  • Workplace transformation — enterprise device adoption and strategies, 2022–2026
  • Competitive Barometer — dashboard, mapping, outlook
  • Device and usage grid analysis in Europe (product, form factor, OS, screen size, connectivity)
  • Consumer and B2B channels — changing landscape and routes-to-market
  • Ongoing product and technology development updates

In addition to the insight provided in this service, IDC may conduct research on specific topics or emerging market segments via research offerings that require additional IDC funding and client investment.

Key Questions Answered

  1. How is consumer device adoption changing in light of accelerated technology expansion and what opportunities does this offer to industry players?
  2. How are mobility and connectivity revolutionizing businesses' mobile computing strategies and which technologies are best positioned to support their business transformation?
  3. What are the opportunities offered by the development of AR/VR technologies in the consumer and business spaces?
  4. Which are the best positioned vendors to support businesses' digital transformation journeys?
  5. What are businesses' needs and expectations in terms of device and partner choice?
  6. How mobility and omni-channel strategies are changing distribution and which opportunities do they offer in the consumer space?
  7. What will be the impact of this increasingly larger device ecosystem on competitive landscape and go-to-market strategies?

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