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Consumer Digital Transformation

IDC's Consumer Digital Transformation (CDX) service is designed to help consumer market ecosystem participants better understand how, why, and when consumers will adopt technology in transformational ways. We are in a new world of digital living driven by the intersection of mobility, cloud, social, and Big Data technologies, creating what IDC refers to as Consumer Digital Transformation. CDX can be thought of as the process by which digital ICT products and services are discovered, adopted, and integrated to augment and transform our lives digitally. This research covers new technology drivers, technology, and business opportunities and threats, and it covers what accelerated changes in digital living means competitively across a broad ecosystem of service providers and solution vendors.

Markets and Subjects Analyzed

  • Consumer segmentation and understanding addressable markets for CDX opportunities
  • Understanding the outcomes consumers hope to achieve through new tech adoption
  • The impact of CDX on different consumer life activities
  • Opportunities for long-term CDX solutions and scenarios
  • User experiences (UI/UX/personalization/presentation/cross-platform trends and market requirements)
  • User interaction with digital and automated environments
  • Hyper-personalization (trends, vendors, and key market requirements)
  • Key consumer concerns driven by tech evolution and adoption
  • Entertainment experiences (new competitive and service delivery framework)
  • Monetization models (changing monetization models for consumer services)
  • Privacy and security in digital environments
  • Participation in the shared economy

Core Research

  • CDX Addressable Market Forecast
  • CDX Opportunity Index
  • CDX Opportunity Analysis for Key Consumer Technologies
  • Digital Consumer Consumption Journey Analysis
  • Digital Transformation in Each Consumer Life Activity Category
  • Profling CDX-Ready Consumers
  • CDX Survey Analysis (hot consumer technologies, key desired outcomes from tech adoption, and top consumer concerns)

In addition to the insight provided in this service, IDC may conduct research on specific topics or emerging market segments via research offerings that require additional IDC funding and client investment.

Key Questions Answered

  1. How are mobile, social, cloud, and Big Data technologies intersecting to drive consumer digital transformation?
  2. How does digital transformation affect consumers across each leading activity of the day, and what do consumers hope to get out of tech adoption?
  3. What are the needs and requirements of hyper-personalized consumer experiences, and how do security and privacy fit in?
  4. How large are the market opportunities across consumer digital transformation, and what are the key consumer segments to target?
  5. What monetization models will emerge as consumers increasingly adopt digitally driven lifestyles?
  6. What can be learned from the pace of past consumer adoption of technology?

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Meet the Experts
Greg Ireland

Research Director, Consumer Digital Transformation and Multiscreen Video