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IDC Manufacturing Insights: Worldwide Manufacturing Business Ecosystems Strategies

Business ecosystems will play a major role as no manufacturer will be successful on its own in the future. It will no longer be the sole competitive advantage to produce high-quality products or to have the most-efficient production processes. Global competition will bring up other manufacturers that can offer high-quality products at reasonable prices and that have highly efficient production processes. So, it will be those manufacturers being the most successful that are able to sell to their customers exactly what they need or what increases the value of their products. It will be all about increasing customer experiences. And this can be either by delivering data-driven value-added services or by adding products or services from other companies to a product or service. Collaborating in ecosystems — and automating ecosystems' efficiencies — will therefore become a key capability for manufacturers, and products will become platforms in new business ecosystems. Manufacturers will have to establish appropriate business ecosystem strategies, and IDC Manufacturing Insights' Worldwide Manufacturing Business Ecosystems Strategies research advisory service will give guidance and best practices on new ways of collaboration and automation in manufacturing business ecosystems.


This advisory service develops unique analyses, recommendations, and thought leadership based on comprehensive data and insights through IDC Manufacturing Insights' proprietary research projects, along with ongoing communications with industry experts, manufacturing executives, and service providers that support companies developing and executing manufacturing business ecosystem strategies. To ensure relevance, our analysts work with our manufacturing line-of-business clients to identify and prioritize specific topics to be covered in research reports. Our analysts are also available to provide individualized advice for manufacturing executives.

Topics Addressed

Throughout the year, this service will address the following topics:

  • Best practices of manufacturers engaging in business ecosystem strategies to generate additional revenue streams, increase transparency and efficiencies, and reduce costs or gain competitive advantage
  • Maturity of business ecosystem strategies in the manufacturing industry
  • Next-generation automation of manufacturing ecosystem processes leveraging InTech (Industrial Technology), which is based on 3rd Platform technologies and in particular on the convergence of innovation accelerators (cognitive, IoT, and robotics)
  • Collaboration in manufacturing ecosystem leveraging industry collaborative clouds and IoT

Key Questions Answered

Our research addresses the following issues that are critical to your success:

  1. How do manufacturers today collaborate in business ecosystems, and how will they do this in the future and why?
  2. What will be the role of industry collaborative clouds in manufacturer's business ecosystems?
  3. How will next-generation automation will evolve manufacturing ecosystem processes?
  4. What will be the impact of IDC's Innovation Accelerators and 3rd Platform technologies on manufacturing ecosystems strategies (e.g., cognitive, robotics, IoT)?
  5. What will be the impact of manufacturing ecosystem strategies on supply-side and sell-side manufacturing specific processes?
  6. How do systems integrators support manufacturers in executing their business ecosystem strategies?

Who Should Subscribe

IDC Manufacturing Insights' Worldwide Manufacturing Business Ecosystems Strategies research advisory service is ideally suited to support the needs of:

  • Manufacturing companies that are interested in best practices of peers and that would like to understand the capabilities of automation providers, IT vendors, and C&SI providers to help them execute business ecosystem strategies
  • Industrial automation providers that want to align with changing business and operating models of manufactures and that want to understand the IT side of the market and the IT vendor landscape for areas of partnering
  • Technology providers (including platforms, connectivity) that deliver the foundation for collaboration in business ecosystem
  • IT software and services providers that want to develop a road map for a solution portfolio that supports manufacturing business ecosystem strategies
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