IDC Energy Insights: Asia/Pacific Oil and Gas Digital Strategies

IDC Energy Insights: Asia/Pacific Oil and Gas Digital Strategies examines the business environment of the oil and gas industry in the Asia/Pacific region, excluding Japan. The service covers the whole value chain from upstream, midstream, and downstream. It seeks to support companies working to deliver against efficiency objectives through technology-led change that will deliver improved decision support and insight and flexibility to adjust to changing technologies, markets, and political pressures. The IDC Energy Insights: Asia/Pacific Oil and Gas Digital Strategies program provides advice on best practices and technology priorities that will support technology decision making, particularly in relation to innovation, data management, and greater integration across silos and processes. The service is designed to support oil and gas companies with market insights and road mapping advice relating to technology decision making. The program provides insights on how increased value from investments can be delivered through better understanding of process change, new metrics, organizational capabilities, and talent. Key technology focus areas of the program include cloud platforms, artificial intelligence (AI) in operations, IT/OT integration and security, IoT strategies, digital twins, robotics and drones, and asset management priorities.


This service is built on the foundations of extensive engagement and research by the IDC Energy Insights team across the oil and gas industry in this region. Our analysts work with industry experts, staff from the oil and gas business, and technology vendors to ensure that the research service is relevant and prioritizes areas that are of importance to them and the industry at large.

Topics Addressed

This service addresses the following topics:

  • Creating operational excellence through integrated operations including IT/OT integration, creating digital capabilities, and enabling data insights: Actions across technology, people, and process
  • Connected assets: Trends and best practices in asset management
  • Data management: Effective data management practices and actions and outcomes that oil and gas companies need to focus on to enable data insights
  • Impact of 3rd Platform and innovation accelerators on the oil and gas industry landscape: A focus on digital operations, workplace transformation, data management foundations, and information management
  • The energy transition: How organizations are measuring sustainability goals and performance, managing data collection, reporting on emissions across the value chain, and implementing analytics and IT spending plans

Key Questions Answered

Our research addresses the following issues that are critical to your success:

  1. How do we build an integrated working environment by blending IT and operations together?
  2. How can we manage data in a way that effectively generates valuable insights across the length and breadth of the organization?
  3. How are technology accelerators such as cloud, cognitive computing (AI/ML), AR/VR, robotics, and IoT changing the business environment in oil and gas?
  4. How do we find the right partners to help align the organization for the future of the oil and gas industry?
  5. How do we create efficiencies and agility by embedding more control in operations? What are the best practices?

Who Should Subscribe

  • Oil and gas business and IT executives and managers
  • Professional services firms supporting oil and gas businesses
  • Operational technology vendors working in the oil and gas ecosystem

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