IDC Government Insights: European Education Digital Transformation Strategies

The European higher education market is entering a period of change. The adoption of digital technologies inside and outside of the classroom continues to accelerate. At the same time, diversification of the student population is leading to a rise in nontraditional students. IDC Government Insights: European Education Digital Transformation Strategies service provides comprehensive insights into the drivers of the education ICT market, the sizing of overall opportunity, and nature of digital transformation efforts undertaken by the education providers. End-user subscribers will find insights on what are the best practices of their peers, what obstacles and caveats lie in leveraging digital technologies to improve learning outcomes and operational efficiency, and how to proceed further on the path to modern digitally enhanced education offering.


IDC Government Insights: European Education Digital Transformation Strategies service focuses on actionable recommendations in the field of education. It builds its expertise and knowledge from primary research collected through proprietary projects. Team members maintain ongoing communication with industry experts, education sector players, and technology vendors. They utilize secondary research from conferences, publications, and third-party news sources.

Topics Addressed

Throughout the year, this service will address the following topics:

  • Analysis of noteworthy events and their impact on European education IT spending
  • Hardware, software, and IT services use in the education sector by country
  • Response of education providers to major trends including the spread of MOOCs and changing learning patterns
  • Analysis of key new ICT-related regulations with an emphasis on the impact on higher education ICT spending
  • Best practices and strategic guidance for leveraging digital transformation for better learning as well as more efficient education facility operations
  • Current year market sizing and five-year IT spending forecasts for the major markets across Europe

Key Questions Answered

Our research addresses the following issues that are critical to your success:

  1. How much are education providers spending on ICT (including subdivisions such as by education type and by technology categories)?
  2. What are the main drivers of digital transformation in education and how is the changing nature of teaching/learning involving this fast-evolving market?
  3. What technologies (cloud, IoT, big data, etc.) are education providers deploying to meet their development goals?
  4. What are the specific motivators that drive education providers to select solutions in key industry-specific areas such as LMS, SIS, or HPC?
  5. How are pan-European initiatives as well as national policies influencing the ICT market in education?

Who Should Subscribe

IDC Government Insights: European Education Digital Transformation Strategies service is ideally suited to support the marketing and sales departments and the product, solutions, and services managers of IT vendors targeting the education market in Europe. The research can also help strategic decision makers assess the market potential in European countries, as well as assist education stakeholders seeking to understand best practices across the region. For education stakeholders, the research offers examples of best practice as well as actionable advice on how to approach the adoption of new emerging technologies in the public sector.

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Meet the Experts
Joe Dignan

European Head, IDC Government Insights

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Research Manager, IDC Government Insights, Europe