CIO Executive Council: Pathways: Coaching

This customized program, CIO Executive Council: Pathways: Coaching, helps you achieve personal and professional growth while providing you with structure and support for your development. Your tenured CIO executive coach will be a highly effective leader and coach with expertise and experience in your specific areas of development. Your coach will also be a trusted advisor, committed to providing you with unbiased guidance in a safe and confidential environment, helping you attain your goals and integrate practical leadership style changes.

Program Benefits

  • Gain insights and knowledge working directly with a CIO executive coach.
  • Enhance strategic leadership effectiveness.
  • Leverage strengths in times of transformation.
  • Identify and address areas for improvement.
  • Optimize business process based on proven decision-making intelligence.
  • Receive guidance for developing effective go-to-market strategies.

Leadership Profile – Strategic Leaders

  • Expertise and leadership in several areas of IT
  • Manages IT leaders and staff in variousIT functions
  • Leads companywide IT initiatives
  • Contributes to overall business strategy
  • Strives to elevate to CIO or IT senior leadership


  • Advance career in line with your customized development plan.
  • Enhance leadership skills and personal confidence.
  • Broaden executive knowledge and competencies.
  • Improve readiness for next leadership role.
  • Expand professional network and resource.

Product Offering

The CIO Executive Council: Pathways: Coaching program provides you with the insight and guidance needed to meet your current leadership challenges and take your organization to the next level.

Offerings include:

  • Seven hours of virtual, one-on-one coaching
  • Hand-selected coach, aligned with your career goals and development needs
  • One 30-minute introductory call with CIO selected coach, CIO partner, and CIO (sponsor of participant) to set objectives and align with desired outcomes and key development areas
  • Live coaching — discuss specific real-world issues with an objective sounding board
  • Supplemental reading, tools, and resources to support development
  • Practice new behaviors and receive feedback to reinforce successful strategies
  • Accelerated development virtual webcast sessions with topics led by a CIO or executive coach
  • Complimentary access to IDG national/regional conferences and the IDC Directions event
  • One optional 30-minute closing call with CIO selected coach, CIO partner, and CIO (sponsor of participant)

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