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Worldwide Black Book: Service Provider Edition

Since 1989, IDC has supported ICT suppliers and financial investors with our industry-standard study on the state of ICT spending in every region around the world. Worldwide Black Book: Service Provider Edition provides a view of technology spending by the fast-growing and increasingly important service provider segment, analyzing key opportunities for ICT vendors selling their products and services to cloud, telecom, and other types of service provider. It creates a holistic view of the service provider opportunity and how this compares with end-user technology spending in every region.

Markets Covered

This product covers the following segments of the service provider market:

  • Service provider spending: Hyperscale, cloud infrastructure, cloud software, managed services, colocation, communications, and digital services
  • Infrastructure: Server/storage and network equipment
  • Infrastructure software (system, network, storage, and security)
  • Software applications
  • IT and business services
  • Telecom services

Subjects Analyzed

Throughout the year, this product will address the following topics:

  • Service provider ICT spending by country
  • Datacenter investments (server/storage, network, and core infrastructure software)
  • Hyperscale and cloud service provider spending growth by country
  • Digital, communications, managed, and colocation service provider spending


Throughout the year, this product will offer insight into the latest trends impacting the market. Potential studies include:

Worldwide Black Book: Service Provider Edition

Market forecasts for service provider ICT spending by technology and country

Service Provider ICT Spending Analysis

Overview of service provider spending trends

Worldwide Black Book: Service Provider Taxonomy

Taxonomy of service provider types including hyperscale, cloud infrastructure, cloud software, digital, colocation, managed services, and communications

Key Questions Answered

Our research addresses the following issues that are critical to your success:

  1. What is the global opportunity for ICT vendors selling to service provider customers?
  2. How does service provider ICT spending vary across geographies?
  3. Which technologies are the priority for hyperscale, cloud, colocation/managed, digital, and communications service providers?
  4. How does service provider technology spending compare with end-user spending, and what are the relationships?
  5. How quickly is ICT spending moving to the service provider and "as a service" market models?

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