Service Provider Infrastructure Supply Chain

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Meet the Experts

Photo of Chris Drake
Chris Drake

Senior Research Director, Compute Infrastructure and Service Provider Trends, Worldwide Infrastructure Research

Photo of Kuba Stolarski
Kuba Stolarski

Research Vice President, Compute Infrastructure and Service Provider Trends, Worldwide Infrastructure Research

Photo of Leon Kao
Leon Kao

Senior Research Manager, Compute Infrastructure and Service Provider Trends, Worldwide Infrastructure Research

IDC's Service Provider Infrastructure Supply Chain program encompasses service provider compute and storage infrastructure, including supply chain strategies, deployment methods, and technology choices. Supplementing IDC's broad and deep quantitative portfolio surrounding this buyer segment, this service examines the supplier competitive landscape, forecasts future demand, and profiles different types of service providers (e.g., hyperscalers, cloud service providers, digital service providers, communication service providers, managed hosting providers, and hyperscale datacenter operators). This service is a syndicated research companion to IDC's Cloud Infrastructure Index (CII 100) multiclient study, Storage and Computing Platforms ODM Direct QView, and the Enterprise Infrastructure: Buyer and Cloud Deployment Tracker®.

Markets and Subjects Analyzed

  • Worldwide compute and storage cloud infrastructure market share, forecasts, and installed base
  • Cloud, hyperscale, and service provider infrastructures
  • Service provider infrastructure tiers
  • Open source and open infrastructure communities
  • Evolving supply chain for service providers
  • Cloud to edge deployments
  • Software-defined infrastructure
  • Infrastructure security for the cloud
  • Software-based infrastructure resilience for cloud applications
  • Public cloud infrastructure stacks
  • Infrastructure as a service for service providers
  • Vendor performance, strategies, and portfolios
  • Buyer case studies and profiles of service providers
  • The role of operating systems in cloud computing
  • The impact of virtualization, containers, and cluster/grid computing on service provider infrastructure deployments
  • Accelerated computing in the cloud

Core Research

  • Service Provider Infrastructure Taxonomy
  • Own Versus Rent: Service Provider Strategies
  • Service Provider Infrastructure Market Shares
  • Service Provider Infrastructure Forecast
  • ODM Direct Supplier and Demand Trends
  • Emerging Technologies, Standards, and Communities that influence Service Provider Infrastructure (e.g., Open Compute Project)
  • Content Delivery Network Infrastructure

In addition to the insight provided in this service, IDC may conduct research on specific topics or emerging market segments via research offerings that require additional IDC funding and client investment.

Key Questions Answered

  1. How will public clouds, service providers, and hyperscalers shape the infrastructure market in the future?
  2. How will emerging compute and storage technologies impact the market, and how will they be adopted in cloud, telecom, and managed services offerings?
  3. How will performance-intensive computing change public cloud?
  4. How will service providers address high-end and mission-critical workloads with their infrastructure strategies?
  5. What are the next set of trends in infrastructure abstraction for the cloud: virtualization, containerization, clustering, and composability?

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