IDC Government Insights: European Personal Transportation Ecosystem Strategies

Connected, autonomous, shared, electric (CASE) vehicles have captured all the headlines about the future of mobility over the past few years. But CASE is a product-centric view of the future of mobility. The future of personal mobility in cities and beyond cannot depend on CASE only. The transportation ecosystem needs a change of paradigm — a new kind of CASE; a people-centric one. People that travel every day to work, school, stores, and entertainment venues want convenience, affordability, safety, and environmental sustainability.

IDC Government Insights: European Personal Transportation Ecosystem Strategies empowers European governments, transportation operators, technology suppliers, and other stakeholders that want to take an active role in shaping the future personal transportation ecosystem to deliver capabilities for user-centric experience on the move, rethink connected vehicles and smart infrastructure, and exchange and analyze data securely.


IDC Government Insights: European Personal Transportation Ecosystem Strategies provides insights into the future of passenger mobility in Europe. It builds its expertise and knowledge from survey data, use cases, and best practices garnered through primary and secondary research. Team members maintain ongoing communication with industry experts, government and the broader transportation ecosystem, and technology vendors.

Topics Addressed

Throughout the year, this service will address the following topics:

  • Advanced public transit, including smart railways and multimodal transit hubs
  • Intelligent traffic management, including traffic signaling, tolling and congestion charging, and smart parking
  • Mobility-as-a-service, including multimodal smart journey planning and ticketing, ride hailing, on-demand transit, and micromobility

Key Questions Answered

Our research addresses the following issues that are critical to your success:

  1. How will technology innovation trigger change in the future of personal mobility experiences?
  2. How will the ecosystem of regulators, orchestrators, operators, and suppliers of future personal mobility services and solution scale innovative business models?
  3. What are the technology capabilities that the personal mobility ecosystem needs to put in place in the next three-to-five years to be successful in the future of personal mobility?
  4. How can technology suppliers reimagine their portfolio and go to market to be best positioned to deliver successful solutions in the future of personal mobility?
  5. What are the organizational change, security, technical, legal, and project management challenges that need to be addressed to unleash the benefits of technology innovation for the future of mobility?

Who Should Subscribe

The service will benefit multiple stakeholders across the European personal transportation ecosystem:

  • Global IT vendors, such as Intel, SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, AWS, Accenture, and IBM, that target transportation as one of their main vertical industries will find insights about the changing needs and business models across the personal mobility ecosystem.
  • Specialist vendors providing intelligent transportation solutions, such as Cubic, Kapsch, Swarco, Conduent, Indra, Thales, HERE, TomTom, and PTV, will find insights about new opportunities by use case and countries and the most appropriate tactics to address those unmet needs.
  • Transportation policymakers at the city, national, and international government level will find insights about best practices to address key policy challenges.
  • IT executives in transport operators such as public transit and railways, and orchestrators, such as ride hailing, car sharing, and micromobility specialists, will find best practices in solution design, implementation, and ranking of technology suppliers.
  • Other enterprises in the personal mobility ecosystem, such as insurance companies, car OEMs, urban master planning advisory firms, and utilities interested in the electric vehicle business opportunity may find this service of interest. But they will not be the main target audience.

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