IDC Manufacturing Insights: Asia/Pacific Digital Supply Chain Execution and Transformation Strategies

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Meet the Experts

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Stephanie Krishnan

Associate Vice President

IDC Manufacturing Insights: Asia/Pacific Digital Supply Chain Execution and Transformation Strategies advisory service arms manufacturers, distributors, and logistics service providers (logistics SPs) with specific knowledge to understand the convergence of supply chain planning and execution with product life cycle and supplier management, logistics execution, and operations. The research in this program guides planning and selection and enables deployment of advanced technologies to support operational performance within the organization and across the supply chain business network. Technology vendors that enable supply chain capabilities in Asia/Pacific (excluding Japan) (APEJ) will also benefit from monitoring the market for opportunities. Clients will be able to make informed decisions about trade-offs in supply chains, thus improving service performance, supporting changing business needs, and increasing the ability to deliver on customer requirements holistically across the supply chain ecosystem.


This advisory service develops unique data-driven analysis and research through IDC Manufacturing Insights' proprietary research projects, along with ongoing communications with industry experts, supply chain executives and practitioners, and product and service vendors. To ensure relevance, our analysts work with both subscribers and other industry thought leaders to curate and prioritize specific topics to be covered in research documents. Our analysts are also available to provide individualized advice for supply chain executives and vendors to help them make better informed decisions.

Topics Addressed

Throughout the year, this service will address the following topics:

Supply chain orchestration:

  • Supply chain trends, regional maturity assessments, and strategic insights from across the Asia/Pacific region
  • Downstream, manufacturing-driven distribution, and orchestration
  • Supplier management and integration technology best practices
  • Supply chain execution, visibility, coordination, and optimization
  • Logistics process integration, including direct to consumer (D2C) and logistics SPs from first to last mile
  • Sustainability and the impact of ESG on supply chains

Freight and transportation:

  • Transportation, vendor, fleet, and freight management
  • Freight networks and marketplaces

Inventory, logistics, and distribution:

  • Inventory management, planning, and optimization from raw materials to finished goods, including distribution
  • Warehouse management and optimization
  • Best practices for technology adoption in ensuring supply chain and logistics service quality

Key Questions Answered

Our research addresses the following issues that are critical to your success:

  1. What are the latest trends in supply chain, logistics execution, planning, and product life-cycle management applications?
  2. How are digital technologies, and digital transformation in general, impacting supply chain execution?
  3. What is the role of digital technologies in the supply chain when supporting and enabling new business models and sustainability?
  4. How are innovative technologies, processes, and applications shaping the future of supply chain execution?
  5. What supply chain technology tools and applications enable supply chain strategies, and what should be considered for specific needs?
  6. What are the supply chain growth opportunities for technology vendors in the region?

Who Should Subscribe

  • Manufacturing, logistics, and retail organizations seeking to explore digital capabilities to build a road map for supply chain execution
  • Operational technology and industrial automation providers that want to address changing operating models of supply chain participants and understand the requirements for IT integration including the potential partner landscape
  • Technology providers that enable foundational technologies including platform, security, and connectivity for collaboration in the supply chain
  • Technology application providers that provide supply chain execution and collaboration applications to benefit from timely research findings and analysis from this series to support marketing efforts in the region
  • IT software and service providers that want to support a solution portfolio for supply chain strategies for organizations in the Asia/Pacific (excluding Japan) region