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IDC Government Insights: United States IT Opportunity: Government

The U.S. Government ITO service is highly focused on forecasts, trends related to Big Data and analytics, current events that are driving IT procurement, and deep dives into the choices being made for government IT. It contains government thought leadership research that is often quoted by the press and used by government decision makers. Government technology buyers have a tremendous responsibility to procure the most appropriate IT solutions to meet the needs of each agency they support as well as to manage the entire selection process and its associated risks and rewards for each technology decision. IDC's United States IT Opportunity: Government program provides a selective, targeted body of research reports based on the most relevant business issues and technology areas for government, with essential guidance from a government perspective. Each specific report from the identified technology areas (listed in the Topics Addressed section) details the impact of the technology on government users, government budgets, and our future outlook within these segmented areas.


This advisory service gathers deep levels of data on procurement priorities and preferences. It focuses on data analytics and what the long-term trends are in government IT. The service develops unique analysis and comprehensive forecasts to provide reliable direction on business and technology issues – heavily driven by our work with government CIOs, procurement and line-of-business executives, IT industry experts, and IDC Government Insights' proprietary research projects. Roughly half of the documents are forecast related, and half are focused on data analytics.

Topics Addressed

Throughout the year, this service will address the following topics:

  • Cloud computing for government, with forecast
  • Mobile computing trends and device management for government, with forecast
  • Internet of Things integration by government, with forecast
  • Big Data issues, with forecast and details on compliance challenges
  • Government datacenter consolidation issues
  • Government IT security spending and issues, with forecast
  • Emerging technologies such as blockchain and advances in device mesh
  • Top 10 predictions
  • Key highlights from survey data
  • Relevant case studies that highlight government IT success stories, positive return on investment, and improved citizen services

Key Questions Answered

Our research addresses the following issues that are critical to your success:

  • How are government information technology spending and shifting preferences changing the IT market?
  • Where is the government IT money going, and how is that changing?
  • Which emerging technologies are causing significant shifts in the ways government agencies spend their IT dollars?
  • What are the latest trends and spending forecasts for cloud service, IT security, Big Data, mobile solutions, and other offerings in government?
  • What key policies are driving federal IT budgets?

Who Should Subscribe

  • Vendors that seek to understand the broad trends that are driving government IT choices
  • Vendors, researchers, and government end users that seek to understand the evolving preferences, forecasts, and spending trends that are driving government IT solutions related to cloud, security, mobile solutions, Big Data, and other technologies
  • Government technology buyers involved in creating IT value and business results for government organizations through IT strategy, IT transformation, enterprise architecture, technology implementation, and customer service
  • Government IT directors who need measurements and benchmarks to understand the long-term computing trends for their community
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