ESG Management and Reporting Technologies

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Photo of Amy Cravens
Amy Cravens

Research Manager, GRC and ESG Management and Reporting Technologies

IDC's ESG Management and Reporting Technologies program explores platforms that enable ESG data aggregation, analysis, and reporting. ESG has become a key focus for organizations as stakeholder concerns and business value are increasingly tied to an organization's sustainability performance. This research explores ESG as a risk and compliance function as well as an internal business value driver, all of which are creating demand for ESG software solutions. Service coverage spans organizational ESG data requirements from collection and data management to reporting and strategy analytics, highlighting solutions that enable ESG data to be leveraged to meet business demands. Key capabilities explored include metrics generation and ingestion, performance analysis, strategy enablement, reporting, and auditing. Software covered in the research includes both point solutions and integrated suites for every requirement along this ESG data journey. The program provides insights that help ESG software vendors understand the competitive landscape, market trends and dynamics, buyer demand and perception, and the addressable market.

Markets and Subjects Analyzed

  • Market trends regarding ESG software that help organizations with their ESG data sourcing and analytics, metric gathering and validation, risk and compliance monitoring, automated reporting, and predictive operational insights
  • Opportunities around the evolving ESG software vendor landscape (e.g., alliances and ecosystem partnerships)
  • Organizational maturity and perceptions around ESG software to inform how best to support these organizations on their ESG journey
  • Go-to-market strategies for ESG software solution vendors
  • Valuable primary data to advise on enterprise perspectives and purchase decisions surrounding ESG software solutions and vendors

Core Research

  • ESG Software Market Taxonomy
  • Global Sustainability/ESG Software Market Forecasts and Market Share
  • Worldwide IDC Survey: ESG Software Buyers' Maturity Levels, Solution Requirements, Spending Intentions, and Vendor Perception
  • IDC MarketScape (ESG Accounting and Reporting Solutions, ESG Data Management Software, Climate Risk Analytics Solutions, etc.)
  • Other IDC DecisionScapes (IDC FutureScape, IDC MaturityScape, IDC PeerScape)
  • IDC Market Glance of Sustainability/ESG Software Providers
  • Vendor Profiles of ESG-Focused Software Solutions
  • IDC Survey Spotlights and Market Presentations on Key Topics and Trends
  • Sustainability Blogs, Webcasts, and Podcasts

In addition to the insight provided in this service, IDC may conduct research on specific topics or emerging market segments via research offerings that require additional IDC funding and client investment.

Key Questions Answered

  1. How can software platforms enhance an organization's ESG program, and what are the critical capabilities?
  2. How can data management solutions enable and enhance an organization's ESG performance?
  3. How is the evolving ESG regulatory landscape impacting enterprises in their approach to and pace of ESG compliance enablement, and how can technology address these challenges?
  4. How do ESG platforms intersect other enterprise applications such as ERP, GRC, CRM, and procurement applications, and how can integration with these systems empower ESG platforms?
  5. What is driving buyers' preferences in ESG management solutions, and what are the key capabilities influencing solution choice?
  6. What are the competitive market dynamics and potential market opportunities around technologies that address ESG requirements?