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Feb 2015 - Top 10 Predictions - Doc # IN250928

Asia/Pacific Manufacturing 2015 Top 10 Predictions

Authors: Christopher Holmes, Yves Wang

IDC Manufacturing Insights sees 2015 as the year in which manufacturing will expand in Asia/Pacific, not just targeting low-cost countries but also becoming more strategic in nature, to evolve into regional hubs that would cater to customized local demand in proximity to the customer, backed by technology. To move from a few large factories working in isolation to a network of factories supporting each other, standards for processes, technologies, and information exchange should be considered vital. IT will start transitioning from being a basic support function to being a strategic function in which line-of-business and functional leaders will start having a say.

Product innovation continues to be a key area of focus for manufacturing companies — from product and services conceptualization to design, manufacturing, delivery, and service. "Organizations that look at innovation as a core area of strength not limited to one department but cutting across departments and functions with IT systems designed and implemented to ensure a seamless flow of information will be able to differentiate themselves by introducing new innovative products at a faster pace. IT has grown beyond being a support function to being a core part of businesses today. Organizations that continue to take a siloed look at IT applications and systems will be slow in transforming themselves in an era of fast growth," says Christopher Holmes, Managing Director, IDC Manufacturing Insights.

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