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Mar 2016 - Industry Development and Models - Doc # JPE40921516

Japan Network Equipment Market New Trends for the 3rd Platform 2015

Author: Kenichi Kusano Group Manager, Communications, IDC Japan

This IDC report analyzes the new changes that have emerged in the enterprise network as a result of the changing landscapes brought about by the 3rd Platform. Some of these changes include the application of cloud features to network, software-defined network infrastructure, the disaggregation of network functions, and zero-touch and less-touch installations. The recent implementation of cloud-managed WLAN solution is a typical example. Few internal factors in the WLAN equipment market, such as the increasing complexity in the operational management of growing LAN usage in enterprises and the growing expansion of cloud-managed WLAN solutions in Japan, have a key role to play in the recent popularity of cloud-managed WLAN solutions. There is also certain expectation in terms of their adaptability to the 3rd Platform such as the application of cloud characteristics to enterprise network. Under these circumstances, the Japan cloud-managed WLAN solution market is forecast to grow earnestly in future.

There will be more emphasis on flexibility and scalability as well as stronger operational management efficiency of enterprise networks as the development of the 3rd Platform advances further. To deal with this, "the characteristics of cloud service such as self-service, change on-demand, pay-as-you-go metered billing, and "as-a-service" feature should be incorporated into the DNA of the enterprise network," says Kenichi Kusano, group manager, Communications, IDC Japan.

This IDC study is a translation of the Japan document IDC #JPJ40592416 and is summarized to reduce the gap in time since the original version was published.

All of the following sections are, however, fully translated:

  • IDC Opinion
  • Methodology
  • Definition
  • Executive Summary
  • Essential Guidance
  • Synopsis
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