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Feb 2017 - Market Forecast - Doc # JPE40923916

Japan Software Forecast Update, 2016−2020

Author: Mitsuhiro Iriya Research Manager, Software & Security, IDC Japan

This study is a translation of the Japanese document IDC #JPJ40594616, it presents the Japan software market actual performance in 2015 and forecast from 2016 to 2020. The strong market growth is expected to continue well after 2016. The next few years will bring considerable opportunities for IT suppliers to secure market opportunities and expand software and cloud businesses, as the market is driven by specific initiatives for appropriate use of human resources, support for a new tax system, software for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics 2020, and by new spending on cloud. Thus, IDC believes that IT suppliers are required to provide their user companies with digital transformation (DX) realization utilizing software and cloud.

"DX will bring innovation to enterprise system development. User companies will soon design applications that match with their own business models and develop applications by combining software components and cloud services. Meanwhile, vendors will be required to quickly provide detailed components through software and cloud services, rather than the existing massive and heavy integrated packages. Thus, it is vital for IT suppliers to formulate business strategies for realizing DX in user companies and to seek for any potential DX business opportunities regardless of existing businesses and products," says Mitsuhiro Iriya, software and security research manager, IDC Japan.

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