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Joseph E. Loiselle

Group Vice President, IDC's Global IT and Financial Advisory Services

Joseph Loiselle is the Group Vice President of IDC's Global IT and Financial Advisory Services, a dynamic series of products and services focused on specific corporate IT and investment community needs. The services include IDC's Global IT Advisory Tools, Global IT Advisor, IDC's IT Executive Programs, Investment Research Services, IDC's Private Vendor Watch & IT M&A services and jointly manages elements of IDC's IT Executive Programs. Mr. Loiselle has been a pioneer in customizing and creating IDC research for the IT professionals market, specializing in sourcing, procurement and acquisition, price benchmarking, deal analysis, asset disposition and financing, and consulting. Additionally, he coordinates and creates research and services for IDC's management consulting, Wall Street clients for sell-side, investment banking and private equity audiences.

Mr. Loiselle invented market price assurance solutions that are the industry standard in IT price benchmarking: SmartIndex and deal analysis: SmartAnalysis. In addition, he has worked with IDC and various firm on ROI/TCO software/custom solutions used by IT and financial executives to produce an accurate cost/benefit analysis on all IT enterprise initiatives. The latest series of products include asset value solutions to unlock the hidden value of IT assets and a comprehensive decision lifecycle management solution, services/outsourcing benchmarks and software decision support, audit, and deal price/performance benchmarking.

In addition, Mr. Loiselle contributes to the development of sales and content channels for IDC and is involved with promoting IDC at various trade shows, publications, and speaking engagements. He is also a key contributor to consulting projects surrounding the IT community's issues such as procurement and total cost of ownership. IDC's recently launched M&A solutions and TechTalk series were developed by Loiselle's product development teams.

Prior to managing his current program, Mr. Loiselle was lead analyst in IDC's pricing research department in charge of all operations, consulting and business development. He contributed to making that service the recognized standard for pricing research in the industry. He has been featured and quoted in major trade and business publications, including the Wall Street Journal, NPR, Computerworld, Infoworld, Network World, Investor's Business Daily, and Time Magazine.

Mr. Loiselle holds a B.S. degree in business management from Fitchburg State College, worked in intelligence, administration and as an instructor for the U. S. Marine Corps. He was inducted into the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame as Associate Instructor of the Year in 1995. He has attended IDG's Management Excellence Program and CCL's Creative Leadership Program.