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Andrew Ware

Vice President, Software Consulting

Andrew Ware, VP of Software Consulting, provides strategic analysis, marketing research, and business planning counsel to systems and software vendor clients. He has particular expertise in developing custom market research programs that include development and execution of primary market research, competitive analysis and custom market modeling and segmentation.

Research programs developed and managed by Mr. Ware are designed to assist vendors in solving problems related to market entry, market expansion, customer awareness, and competitor understanding/analysis. Mr. Ware has assisted clients with designing, introducing, marketing, positioning, and pricing new and existing products; developing marketing communications and advertising programs and creating compelling message statements; improving partner programs and practices to identify, recruit, and leverage relationships; identifying and targeting high-opportunity market segments; and improving product and service quality through customer satisfaction measurement.

In his 15+ years at IDC, Mr. Ware has developed extensive experience executing primary and secondary market research programs including comprehensive competitive analysis, quarterly data collection, survey-based research, and market entry/market strategy development.

Previously at IDC, Mr. Ware analyzed and wrote on the application development tools and applications software markets for leading IT vendors. As a consulting VP at IDC, he has executed and supervised research for a variety of key IDC clients including leading vendors in the software industry. Mr. Ware holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Massachusetts/North Dartmouth.