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Jubert Daniel Alberto

Head of Operations, IDC Philippines

As the Country Head of Operations in IDC Philippines, Jubert is responsible for the overall management and development, sales, marketing, research, and consulting of IDC in the Philippines. With more than a decade of experience in both regional and local research fronts, Jubert brings with him a comprehensive view of local trends integrated with regional and global dynamics, delivering guidance and advisory and engaging with industry stakeholders, including vendors, channels, technology buyers, and policymakers.

Prior to him leading IDC in the Philippines, Jubert managed the Philippine ICT Market Report Series – a syndicated program under IDC's Continuous Intelligence Service (CIS), authoring reports on topics that cover overall ICT spending, SME buying behavior, vertical and horizontal industries, channels management, business process outsourcing (BPO), and IT services. His wide range of exposure and market knowledge allowed him to drive regional and local initiatives (both from tracker and customized perspectives) on devices (PC, monitor, projector), online gaming, IT services, software, channels and partnering, consumer devices and services, and economy as well as on IDC's Insights practice. He also led the ASEAN team in the area of imaging, printing, and document solutions (IPDS).

Jubert is a sought-after industry event speaker and is regularly quoted in both local and international media entities. In recognition of his outstanding performance and contribution to IDC's local and regional research operations, Jubert has been the recipient of several awards, which include the IDC Asia/Pacific Spotlight Award for Customer Retention, Great Performer for Above and Beyond Job Responsibility, Country Research Quality and Timeliness Award, and Best Employee Growth, among others.

Prior to joining IDC in October 2003, Jubert was responsible for the analysis and interpretation of data in various government-led social and health research initiatives as well as demand-side research projects in a leading manufacturing firm.

Jubert holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Research from the University of the Philippines, Diliman.

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