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John Rydning

Research Vice President, Hard Disk Drives and Semiconductors

John Rydning is IDC's research vice president for hard disk drives, responsible for providing insight and market data for the worldwide HDD market. Mr. Rydning's research coverage includes all market applications for hard disk drives, as well as assessing the demand for key HDD components. Additionally, Mr. Rydning's research includes analyzing hard disk drive technology trends, and technology trends for competing storage technologies to hard disk drives, and the market opportunity for all forms of storage technologies across all markets worldwide.


Mr. Rydning has more than 30 years of hard disk drive industry experience, including more than 20 years working within the industry. Previously, John spent 18 years with one of the leading HDD component suppliers, and prior to that with a small HDD contract manufacturing company. His background enables him to provide clients with deep insights into underlying HDD technology trends, HDD market dynamics, and industry dynamics.


  • Bachelors of science degree from the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota
  • Frequent speaker, presenter, and moderator at storage industry conferences
  • In 2010, Mr. Rydning was recipient of one of IDC's most prestigious research awards for his professional excellence in market research


Western Digital Announces a Breakthrough HDD Technology

Oct 2017 - IDC Link - Doc # lcUS43156317

by: John Rydning

Western Digital (WD) announced a technical breakthrough innovation for microwave assisted magnetic recording (MAMR) technology for hard disk drives (HDDs). WD also announced plans to commercialize MAMR technology in HDD products in volume b...
This IDC Market Presentation provides a combined view of market demand for enterprise SSDs and HDDs through 2022 and highlights key underlying industry dynamics affecting enterprise SSDs and HDDs over the forecast period.
This IDC Presentation, which was given on May 23, 2018, summarizes the hard disk drive (HDD) market results for CY 1Q18. Significant market dynamics, trends, and events are summarized and evaluated in this presentation. Numerous HDD market ...
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