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Andrew Golovnykh

Senior Research Analyst, Systems & Infrastructure Solutions, Ukraine

Andrew Golovnykh joined IDC in February 2006. He is responsible for analysis, research, and projects in the server and disk storage market in the Ukraine, and the PC market in Belarus and Moldova.

Before joining IDC, Golovnykh worked in IT media for 10 years, first at the ComputerWorld/Kyiv weekly, then at the PC World Ukraine magazine, and then, from 2000, at CHIP Ukraine magazine. Between 2004 and 2005 he was deputy editor-in-chief (hardware) and testlab chief at CHIP Ukraine.

Golovnykh graduated in 1987 from the Mechanical Department of the Civil Aviation Institute in Kyiv (now the National Aviation University of Ukraine) and has a master's degree in aircraft and engine maintenance. Between 1991 and 1995 Golovnykh worked as an engineer at Antonov Design Bureau (Lofting Department).