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John Delaney

Associate Vice President, European Mobility

John Delaney heads IDC’s European Mobility Team, researching the market for mobile services and products in Europe. His specialism is the mobility of communications, the internet and software. Key themes of John’s research include mobile broadband, mobile service development and marketing, enterprise mobility and mobile operator strategies. John and his team deliver their research through market reports, client enquiries and workshop sessions.

A well regarded industry commentator and analyst, John is a frequent contributor to the business news media, and is a regular speaker at industry events such as seminars and conferences.

John has been working in the ICT research and consulting industry since 1984, and he joined IDC in 2008. He holds a B.Sc. degree in Physics from The University of Warwick, UK.

The French network operator group Orange has announced a number of initiatives for trialing the new 5G mobile network standard, and it has outlined its general strategy for the initial rollout of 5G. In IDC's view, Orange is striking a good...
Orange Investor Day: Phase Two Mission Accomplished

Dec 2017 - IDC Link - Doc # lcEMEA43383217

by: John DelaneyBruno Teyton

At its 2017 Investor Day, Orange's executive team sought to balance a cautious message on capex and opex expectations, with a commitment to continuing its program of investment in network enhancement. IDC is encouraged to note that although...
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The Future of Mobile Networks for IoT Connectivity: LPWA and 5G

Feb 2018 - Technology Assessment - Doc # EMEA43553018

by: John Delaney

Mobile networks have primarily been developed to support the connectivity requirements of mobile phones. "However," says John Delaney, IDC Europe's Associate Vice President of Mobility Research, "the Internet of Things [IoT] is giving rise ...
This IDC Presentation provides a summary of significant trends that analysts in IDC Europe's Telecoms, Networks and Devices Group foresee in the telecom industry in 2018 and in the coming years. Its analyzes key changes, challenges, and opp...
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