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Shana Wang

Research Manager, Imaging, Printing & Document Solution Research, IDC China

Shana Wang, research manager for Imaging, Printing, and Document Solution Research in IDC China, focuses mainly on research and analysis of the China hardcopy peripherals market and managed print services (MPS) market, which include single-function printers, multifunction peripherals, and digital copiers. She is also responsible for consulting research in the market.

Over her seven years of experience in China peripherals market research, Donna has acquired a rich experience and a deep understanding of the region's hardcopy peripherals market, including product and technology mapping, channel operations, and end-user behavior, among others. In her role as research manager, she is responsible for market forecasts, end-user studies, and related consulting projects. Her expertise includes questionnaire design, field research, in-depth interviews, data processing and analysis, and writing special reports. Donna has established strong ties with local and multinational IT companies, especially with those whom she has extended her know-how and provided consulting services.

Shana graduated from Tianjin Foreign Studies University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce.


Feb 2018 - Market Perspective - Doc # CHC43425917

by: Alisa LiShana Wang

本报告对当前中国共享打印市场的生态进行解读,涵盖共享打印定义、类别、市场规模和主要厂商关系等内容,帮助读者了解中国共享打印市场的现状和发展趋势。“共享打印满足了部分消费者低频刚需的打印需求,有一定的市场空间,未来打印机厂商和共享打印设备提供者应该加强合作,改进技术,提升用户体验,加强运营和管理维护,满足不同场景用户的个性化需求,从而引导共享打印市场健康发展。”—— IDC中国成像、打印与文档解决方案分析师李莉表示。
China Shared Printing Market

Feb 2018 - Market Perspective - Doc # AP43425917

by: Alisa LiShana Wang

This Market Perspective illustrates the current ecosystem of China's shared printing market, covering shared printing definition, classification, market size, and key vendor relations. It informs readers of the current status and trends in ...