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Jachym Homola

Senior Consultant, Telecoms & Networking, CEMA

Homola has specialized in European Union telecommunications markets for the last decade. At IDC, he is responsible for ensuring the completion of IDC custom research and consulting activities for the markets in Central Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. He monitors market activities, writes reports, and develops analyses and evaluations.

Before joining IDC, he worked at a consultancy focused on EU public affairs. He was in charge of several projects for the Czech government regarding surveys, analyses, and recommendations for the state telecommunication and egovernment policies. He also compiled monthly monitoring reports and analyses for the Czech incumbent operator that concerned regulatory developments in EU countries and identified opportunities for access to European funds in IT and telecommunications. Besides telecommunications issues, his scope of activities also included transportation, finance, and general political affairs.

Homola has valuable experience from his previous engagement in public service. He acted as an adviser at the Czech Ministry of Transport and Communications during the time the Czech Republic was finalizing accession talks with the European Union. He was a member of the team responsible for aligning national regulatory regimes in telecommunications and postal services with those of the EU.

Homola holds a Master's degree from the Faculty of Social Sciences at Charles University in Prague and a Bachelor's degree in economy and tourism from the University of South Bohemia. Besides his native Czech, he speaks English, German, and understands Italian.

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