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Cindy Gao

Senior Market Analyst, Research Operation Center, IDC China

Cindy Gao is a senior market analyst within IDC China's Research Operation Center. Cindy is responsible for the personal IT products market, which includes PCs, mobile phones, tablets and printers. She manages the long-term tracking of smart connected devices among China's provincial-level and city-level research. In terms of long-term data tracking and the constant research of related products, she has regular interviews with manufacturers, channel distributors and dealers, to analyze market trends and data collection. She also provides related market analysis and consulting services to smart devices–related manufacturers and operators.

Cindy is in charge of IDC's China Quarterly Provincial Mobile Phone Tracker, China Quarterly Provincial PC Tracker, China Quarterly Provincial Tablet Tracker, China Quarterly Provincial HCP Tracker, China 2000+ City Level PC Tracker, and China 2000+ City Level Tablet Tracker.

Prior to joining IDC, Cindy earned over eight years of professional experience working for China Netcom Corporation and France Telecom's Orange Business Services as a project manager. She possesses a solid and in-depth understanding of the IT market and mobile internet field.

Cindy has a Bachelor’s Degree in Management from the Beijing University of Technology.