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Antonio Liu

Senior Market Analyst, Telecom and IoT Research

As a senior market analyst for IDC China’s Telecom and IoT Research Group, Antonio Liu focuses on research and analysis of the China telecommunication, mobile telecommunication, and mobile application markets as well as the IoT industry research. Antonio is mainly responsible for research on development trends, industry chains and ecosystems, market size and forecasts, and user needs of China's telecommunication, mobile solutions, and IoT areas. Furthermore, he participates in consulting programs and research projects.

Prior to joining IDC, Antonio worked for Samsung Telecom’s R&D Center, serving in the Strategy of Technology Department. His main responsibilities were research and planning in the ICT industry, focusing on smart home and smart devices market analysis and technology research.

Antonio graduated from the University of Paris Dauphine (Paris 9) with a Master’s Certificate in Management.


The online payment and clearing platform WangLian was launched on March 31, 2017. The Chinese online payment market enters the "official" clearing and payment era. IDC believes that this could be beneficial for the industry development in ...
Keeping Pace with China's Potential Mass Consumer/Home Market

Jun 2016 - IDC Link - Doc # lcCHE41198316

by: Antonio Liu,  Milly Xiang

The acceleration of the release of China's consumer/home standards and the improvement of products of consumer/home alliance are becoming the basis for future market growth. The mass market is ready to open the door at the darkest moment of...
China Connected Vehicle Market Analysis

Nov 2017 - Market Perspective - Doc # CHC42156417

by: Antonio Liu

IDC defines connected vehicles as those that contain software, sensors, and IP-enabled connectivity. Connected vehicles and electric vehicles are the two core strategies for China's car manufacturing industry development. The total market s...
China Business IoT Market Forecast, 2016–2021

Aug 2017 - Market Forecast - Doc # CHC42156217

by: Antonio Liu

This IDC study provides an update on IDC's China IoT market outlook at a technology and vertical industry level for the period of 2016–2021. It provides forecast on the spend projections from the same split perspective. This document also h...
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