Marc Strohlein

Adjunct Research Advisor

This IDC Perspective aims at helping CIOs understand how they can ascend to or remain ascendant in key roles in the business leadership team. It explains why they are uniquely positioned, what traits and characteristics they need to develop...
This IDC Perspective is intended to help CIOs navigate the change from traditional planningcontrolexecution models to a more flexible "adaptive" approach that blends planning, control, and improvisation. It explains how CIOs can employ impr...
This IDC study provides IDC's top 10 predictions for the 2022 CIO agenda."In the next five years, CIOs will be instrumental in helping their enterprise navigate the winds of change by enabling ecosystems, co-creating new business models and...
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    Mission-Driven Innovation
    Big data, Cloud services, Big data infrastructure, Enterprise mobility, Cloud computing, Mobility, Technology buyer, Leadership transformation, Omni-experience transformation, Information transformation, Operating model transformation, WorkSource transformation

    Planned for CY2022 Q1 IDC Perspective Tech Buyer

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