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Emily Zhang

Research Manager

Emily Zhang is a Research Manager for IDC China's Enterprise Research and a lead analyst for local public cloud services (PCS), focusing on analyzing the cloud service market in China. Emily draws on her industry experience across a range of ICT segments, including public cloud services, industry cloud, and CDN services. Her responsibilities include analysis of the PRC public cloud services market, vendor competitive landscape, digital transformation, and the synergy with cloud. Her work includes in-depth interview, data acquisition and processing, and writing analysis reports.

Emily has developed a deep understanding of the PCS business mode, competition pattern, technology development trend, and customer demands in China, especially for the IaaS market; builds better insights into the local market; and has rich consulting practice experience.

Prior to joining IDC, Emily worked at well-known multinational and local IT companies, such as IBM and 21Vianet, where she developed her skills and broadened her experience. As a previous product marketing manager or an operations specialist, she was responsible for overseas cloud solution localization, planning and execution of go-to-market strategies, and competitive and sales support.

12月12日,金山云宣布D轮完成3亿美元融资。金山集团相关公告显示,金山云在本轮融资中总计发行3. 535亿股D系列优先股。为降低企业上云门槛,打造普惠云计算服务,融资后金山云宣布主流产品全面降价,并将加大人工智能领域的研发投入力度,全面布局政务、制造、金融、医疗等更多垂直行业。.

Nov 2017 - IDC Link - Doc # lcCHC43211517

by: Henry YanEmily Zhang

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