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Kuan Hon

Adjunct Research Director

Dr W Kuan Hon is an adjunct Research Director, European Privacy and Data Security at IDC EMEA, specialising in data protection law and security, particularly the impact of emerging privacy legislation/regulation. A solicitor and (non-practising) New York attorney with a London law firm, she was formerly a senior researcher on cloud law at Queen Mary University of London, where she devised and taught its first Cloud Computing Law LLM module. Kuan was a finance/insolvency lawyer with English and US law firms in the City of London before completing a Computing Science MSc and moving into technology law.

Kuan is an Editor of the Encyclopedia of Data Protection and Privacy, a Fellow of the Open Data Institute and a member of the PRISMACLOUD user advisory board. She was a member of the British Computer Society’s Information Privacy Expert Panel 2015-2017 and is an invited observer for CISPE. She regularly speaks at events, having presented for CERN, the Cloud Security Alliance and ENISA. She is the author of Data Localization Laws and Policy (May 2017) and was lead author of eight chapters of Cloud Computing Law. Her articles, many with collaborators, have been published by the IEEE, Journal of International Data Privacy Law, SCRIPT-ed, Society for Computers and Law and Stanford Technology Law Review.

10 Myths Regarding GDPR: Sifting Fact from Fiction

Jun 2017 - IDC Perspective - Doc # EMEA42628217

by: Kuan HonDuncan Brown

This IDC Perspective dispels 10 common myths about the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR): GDPR is Like Y2K No One Will get Fined Everyone Will get Fined 4% N...
This Part 1 of a two-part Market Perspective provides an overview of general contract and liability considerations for cloud service providers under the GDPR, with recommended general actions. Part 2 covers certain specif...
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