Andrew Meyers

Research Director

  • Managing a Mixed Energy Future

    Apr 2021 | Market Perspective | Doc # US47570521

    By: Andrew MeyersResearch Director

    This IDC Market Perspective analyzes the market conditions and external factors that are requiring energy companies to change at a much faster pace than ever before in the past. Solutions providers must keep pace and be prepared to deliver ...

  • Advances in Measurement Solutions

    Apr 2021 | IDC Perspective | Doc # US47229721

    By: Andrew MeyersResearch Director

    This IDC Perspective examines advances in measurement solutions and their importance to oil and gas companies. Measurement data is one of the most critical elements to a company's operational viability. Legacy software and processes create ...

  • Industrial Internet of Things in Oil and Gas Industry

    Apr 2021 | IDC TechBrief | Doc # AP43671919

    By: Emilie Ditton, Haida Hatim, Andrew MeyersResearch Director

    A new era of efficiency and profitability is upon the oil and gas industry with the rising oil price and volatile environment that require the industry to change. The advantage Internet of Things (IoT) provide to the industry is improving t...

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