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Timothy Scannell

Vice President, Strategic Content CIO Executive Council/IDC

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    A collection of articles, research reports, and summaries from that provide insights and guidance to CIOs during their first 90 days and beyond. Topics touch upon a range of key areas, from the future of the digital infrastructure a...
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    Knowing your audience is a primary rule in sales and marketing. It is also an important first step for CIOs as they evaluate the IT and business organizations and look to establish collaborative relationships with key stakeholders that can ...
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    The following is a quick assessment that can be used to indicate the general leadership capabilities of your senior leadership teams or individuals (the CIO's direct reports and their direct reports). The tool can be used to create developm...
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  • CIO Council Resource — Practices for Using Mobile Technology to Better Engage Customers and Employees — IDC PeerScape


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