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Niel Nickolaisen

Adjunct Research Advisor, IT Executive Program

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    This IDC PlanScape proposes and discusses ways in which organizations can define IT portfolios aligned with strategy and manage these portfolios in a more holistic way in response to changes in priorities or any other internal or external e...
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    This IDC PlanScape describes methods and formats that IT leaders can use to more easily gather and communicate the portfolio of technology projects, their status, and dependencies."One of the most effective ways to build credibility in the ...
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    本IDC研究报告介绍了IDC对2024年CIO议程的十大预测。IDC CIO/CXO信息科技智库服务咨询与研究集团副总裁Daniel Saroff表示,"这十大预测构成了一份战略性框架,帮助CIO在未来五年内领导其组织度过一个加速变革和颠覆的时期。同时也阐述了IDC对IT部门将要经历的10个重大转变的展望,助力IT高管制定战略规划。"
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