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Czech Republic


Zsolt Simon

Senior Research Analyst, Data & Analytics Group, IDC Europe

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    This IDC study introduces IDC's brand-new industry taxonomy and it provides a detailed description of IDC's worldwide vertical industry and company size methodology and taxonomy. It is intended as a companion for forecasts presented in IDC'...
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    This IDC Vendor Profile presents IBM's performance against 130+ parameters contained in IDC's European Sustainable Strategies and Technologies (ESST) Index for software vendors. It identifies the areas in which IBM outperforms the industry ...
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    This IDC Market Forecast analyzes European IT spending between 2021 and 2026 as well as provides a market size, forecast, and key trends supporting technology investments by industry. This forecast is segmented by IDC's 20 standard vertical...
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  • Practices to drive sustainability through technology in the European automotive industry


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    Services, Global IT and economic markets, Social business, Technology buyer

    Planned for CY2023 Q4 IDC PeerScape Tech Buyer