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Mobility Team

David Reinsel

Sr. Vice President, Mobility, Security, Consumer, Semiconductors, Telecom, Client Computing and Imaging/Print/Document Solutions

Jean Philippe Bouchard

Vice-President, Mobility & Consumer Research, Canada

Denise Lund

Research Director

William Stofega

Program Director, Mobile Device Technology and Trends

John Gole

Research Director, Telecoms & Networking, CEMA

Phil Hochmuth

Program Director, Enterprise Mobility

Diego Anesini

Director Research Latin America

Carrie MacGillivray

Group Vice President, Internet of Things & Mobility

Bryan Ma

Vice President, Client Devices, IDC Asia/Pacific and Worldwide

Ramon T. Llamas

Research Director, Mobile Devices and AR/VR

Bryan Bassett

Senior Research Analyst, Enterprise Mobility

Jason Leigh

Senior Research Analyst, Mobility

Akira Sugawara

Senior Market Analyst, PC, Mobile & Client Solution, IDC Japan

Upasana Joshi

Sr. Market Analyst

Ryan Reith

Program Vice President, Worldwide Mobile Device Trackers

John Jackson

Research Vice President, Mobile & Connected Platforms

Tom Mainelli

Program Vice President, Devices & AR/VR

John Delaney

Associate Vice President, European Mobility

Anthony Scarsella

Research Manager, Mobile Phones

New Research

External Hard Drive Secured with RFID

Aug 2009 - IDC Link - Doc # lcUS21963609

by: Michael Margossian,  Leslie Hand,  David Reinsel

In the world of data security, nothing scares a company more than valuable information being stolen (and having to report such an event publicly, which can be devastating whether the lost data is accessed or not). With more data being store...
In the second quarter of 2009 (2Q09) the U.S. market for converged mobile devices (CMDs) gained momentum. Earnings releases from Apple, Palm, and Research In Motion all highlighted increasing demand. This demand is attributable to the popul...
On July 9, 2009, Sprint Nextel's Jeff Clemow, director of business product marketing, said the company will offer a WiFi-capable BlackBerry Tour device in 2010. Verizon Wireless's Brenda Boyd Raney made a similar statement, but refrained fr...
Amazon Beta-Launches

Jul 2009 - IDC Link - Doc # lcUS21925009

by: Ramon T. Llamas

On July 9, 2009, Amazon launched the beta version of its website The new website promises a simpler approach to online shopping for mobile phones and wireless services. The website currently offers 130 handsets from AT&T...
Comcast Goes Wireless with WiMAX

Jul 2009 - IDC Link - Doc # lcUS21916009

by: Carrie MacGillivray

On June 29, 2009, Comcast made its first foray into the wireless market by announcing High-Speed 2go — a 4G mobile broadband service available via wireless data cards. This makes Comcast the second service provider to launch WiMAX services ...
Storage Efficiency Meets the DVR?

Jun 2009 - IDC Link - Doc # lcUS21912609

by: David Reinsel

Deduplication is one of the hottest features discussed in the storage world today, and rightly so. IDC's research estimates that a "single instanced" digital universe is about 25% of the size of what it is at any given moment. In other word...
Femtocells - Will They Gain General Appeal?

Jun 2009 - IDC Link - Doc # lcUS21912509

by: Carrie MacGillivray

On July 1, 2009 Vodafone UK will make its Vodafone Access Gateway available to customers. This move kick starts the femtocells wars in Europe as this launch precedes commercial releases by the likes of T-Mobile, Telefonica and O2. There has...
The Palm Pre: Setting a New Standard

Jun 2009 - IDC Link - Doc # lcUS21874309

by: William Stofega

As much as it announces the return of Palm to the spotlight, the release of the Palm Pre on June 6, 2009, will reinvigorate the battle for high end devices. Thus far, Apple's iPhone has been the star; however, with the launch of the Palm Pr...
BT and 3 Say: 'Terminate the Rate'

May 2009 - IDC Link - Doc # lcUK21849309

by: John Delaney

BT, 3, consumer groups and business groups have joined forces to call for a significant cut in the cost of calling mobile phones in the U.K. The Terminate the Rate Campaign is calling for a cut in mobile termination rates (MTRs) in the U.K....
Feeling the full impact of the global recession, on April 16 Nokia announced its first quarter 2009 results. As hinted at in prior earnings calls and given its global focus, Nokia's first quarter results were grim. Still, despite a difficul...