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Mobility Team

David Reinsel

Sr. Vice President, Mobility, Security, Consumer, Semiconductors, Telecom, Client Computing and Imaging/Print/Document Solutions

Brian Haven

Senior Research Analyst

Jean Philippe Bouchard

Vice-President, Mobility & Consumer Research, Canada

Denise Lund

Research Director

William Stofega

Program Director, Mobile Device Technology and Trends

John Gole

Research Director, Telecoms & Networking, CEMA

Phil Hochmuth

Program Director, Enterprise Mobility

Diego Anesini

Director Research Latin America

Carrie MacGillivray

Vice President, Internet of Things & Mobility

Ramon T. Llamas

Research Manager, Wearable and Mobile Phones

Bryan Bassett

Research Analyst, Mobile Enterprise: Device Solutions

Jason Leigh

Senior Research Analyst

Akira Sugawara

Senior Market Analyst, PC, Mobile & Client Solution, IDC Japan

Upasana Joshi

Sr. Market Analyst

Ryan Reith

Program Vice President, Worldwide Mobile Device Trackers

John Jackson

Research Vice President, Mobile & Connected Platforms

Tom Mainelli

Program Vice President, Devices & AR/VR

John Delaney

Associate Vice President, European Mobility

Anthony Scarsella

Research Manager, Mobile Phones

New Research

Approaching a billion a year, the mobile phone market is the Holy Grail for any component supplier, and capturing opportunity in even a small percentage can equate to a substantial market. ...
Read this: #j4s@@g – Disk Drives get Encryption

Feb 2006 - IDC Link - Doc # lcUS20072006

by: David Reinsel

It is a fact:  data is becoming more mobile. ...
With much fanfare and anticipation, VOIP upstart Vonage filed its preliminary offering documents with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)on February 8, 2006. ...
Not all 500GB Drives Created Equally

Jan 2006 - IDC Link - Doc # lcUS20059906

by: David Reinsel

The half-terabyte drives are here and system OEMs are looking to adopt them, especially in enterprise storage.  EMC just announced the use of 500GB drives in its Symmetrix� DMX-3 storage arrays and other large OEMs are sure to follow.&...
Hard Drive Interface Transitions in Enterprise Storage

Jan 2006 - IDC Link - Doc # lcUS20055706

by: David Reinsel

Hard disk drive (HDD) interface transitions within the enterprise happen in measured ways.  Some company data centers are processing transactions that can represent hundreds of thousands of dollars per second.  Other data centers ...
Two Drives are Better than One

Jan 2006 - IDC Link - Doc # lcUS20016705

by: David Reinsel

Hard drives are reliable pieces of technology. ...
On Monday December 19, Vonage announced that it had raised an additional $250 million in VC funding. ...
5 Terabytes or 5 "Terror"bytes

Dec 2005 - IDC Link - Doc # lcUS20033605

by: David Reinsel

The hard disk drive (HDD) industry has excelled over the years at offering more capacity at less expensive price points.  Up until 2002, the sweet spot drive capacity (i.e., capacity point with the greatest unit shipments) increased ar...
Seagate's Acquisition of Maxtor: A Benefit to All

Dec 2005 - IDC Link - Doc # lcUS20034505

by: David Reinsel

At first blush, Seagate's acquisition of Maxtor may be difficult to understand. ...
8x8 Lands a Whale

Dec 2005 - IDC Link - Doc # lcUS20031405

by: William Stofega

On December 9th, VOIP and IP-based video telephony upstart 8x8  announced that it had signed a private label agreement with BellSouth. Under the terms of the agreement, 8x8 will provide the ILEC with integration and operational se...