Semiconductors Team

Shane Rau

Research Vice President, Computing Semiconductors

John Rydning

Research Vice President, Global Datasphere

Phil Solis

Research Director, Connectivity and Smartphone Semiconductors

Nina Turner

Research Manager, Worldwide Semiconductor Applications Forecaster

Mario Morales

Group Vice President, Enabling Technologies and Semiconductors

Soo Kyoum Kim

Associate Vice President, Memory Semiconductors

Jeff Janukowicz

Research Vice President, Solid State Drives and Enabling Technologies

Edward Burns

Research Director, Hard Disk Drive and Storage Technologies

New Research

This IDC study presents a forecast for the worldwide Global StorageSphere market for the 2019–2024 period. It measures the size of the installed base of storage capacity and how much of the storage capacity is utilized or available each yea...
This IDC study provides our top 10 predictions for the worldwide next-generation automotive market. These predictions reflect IDC's vision for the 10 most important trends in this market over the next 60 months (through 2025). Technology bu...
This IDC study provides IDC's 2020 top 10 predictions for artificial intelligence (AI)."Artificial Intelligence is poised to be more prolific and span every aspect of our lives and business. AI disrupters will enjoy a differentiated and sus...
IDC Innovators are emerging vendors with revenue <$100 million that have demonstrated either a groundbreaking business model or innovative new technology — or both. This IDC Innovators study profiles three companies that are helping crea...
本調査レポートは、今後5年間のIT業界の10項目のPredictionsと主な促進要因を取り上げる。IDCのチーフアナリストであるFrank Gensは、「デジタルイノベーションを取り巻く業界、そして世界経済のおいて、再調整と統合が急速に進むことから、企業幹部は、速いペースでイノベーションが拡大する世界に合わせて組織を全力で改革しなければならない。つまり、分散型クラウドインフラストラクチャ、パブリッククラウドソフトウェアのスタック、アジャイルでクラウドネイティブなアプリケーシ...
This IDC study presents IDC's enterprise infrastructure top 10 predictions for 2018. "Digital transformation has given rise to new IT imperatives, which span modernizing enterprise infrastructure, developing data-centric strategies and orga...

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