Integration Team

Daphne Chung

Research Director, Cloud Services and Software Research, IDC Asia/Pacific

Vladimir Kroa

Associate Vice President, Sustainability

Carl W. Olofson

Research Vice President, Data Management Software

New Research

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    This IDC study presents IDC’s top 10 predictions for the future of trust in 2024 and beyond.“Research shows that trust is a requirement for individuals and organizations to share their personal and organizational data. And high-quality data...
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    This IDC Market Presentation charts the progression of readiness of ICT practitioners to incorporate sustainability and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles into their business operations. The framework assesses the status...
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    This IDC Market Note highlights the progress Oracle has exhibited in several core areas that are central to Oracle's future success. IDC also examines Oracle's recent FY 1Q24 earnings and looks for indications of progress around these key t...
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    In the last few years, Alibaba Group has ramped up investments in improving its cloud service capabilities outside China. It has added more availability zones across APEJ and ramped up its offerings on a wide range of DevOps tools, AI/ML an...
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    This IDC Perspective documents the recent stages of SPH Media's digital transformation (DX) journey from a print-only media company to a digital-first media company by leveraging the power of cloud. The report highlights the key learnings a...
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    This IDC Survey Spotlight focuses on a specific question from IDC's Future Enterprise Spending and Resiliency Survey, Wave 4, conducted in May 2023 among 890 IT leaders in over 15 vertical industries across North America, Asia/Pacific, and ...
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    This IDC Playbook explains the current state of Intelligent CloudOps in the Asia/Pacific context and provides technology sales leaders with advice on how best to address the challenges and concerns of customers who need to address the deman...
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    This IDC study discusses the 2022 vendor market shares and activities across the intelligent CloudOps market in Asia/Pacific (excluding Japan) (APEJ) and provides a competitive view of selected products and vendors."The APEJ intelligent Clo...
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    This IDC Survey provides key findings from IDC's Global GenAI Awareness, Readiness, and Commitment (ARC) Survey and is the first in a series of IDC documents based on the Global GenAI ARC Survey that will investigate the implications of Gen...
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    本IDC PlanScape为业务和技术领导者介绍生成式人工智能(GenAI)技术的发展背景,以及制定AI战略以将业务转向未来AI无处不在时代所必须具备的一系列特征。本报告回答了什么是GenAI以及GenAI为什么是未来关键技术等问题,指出了对投资和使用GenAI具有基础性作用的关键活动,带读者了解如何安排GenAI场景的优先顺序才能获得成功,并指出了实现GenAI当前和未来三年价值涉及的利益相关者。IDC思想领导力研究副总裁Phil Carter表示:“随着AI进入企业的各...

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