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Asia/Pacific Software Team

Polly Chan

Research Manager, Software Research, IDC Asia/Pacific

Sandra Ng

Group Vice President, Practice Group, IDC Asia/Pacific

Daniel-Zoe Jimenez

Research Director Digital Transformation and Big Data/Analytics

Wilvin Chee

Vice President, Worldwide Software and Services Trackers,

Chris Zhang

Research Manager, IDC Asia/Pacific Software Research Group.

Daphne Chung

Research Director, Software, IDC Asia/Pacific

Avneesh Saxena

Group Vice President, Domain Research Group, IDC Asia/Pacific

Gurpal Singh

Senior Market Analyst

Shirley Tsai

Senior Market Analyst, Enterprise Solutions Group, IDC Taiwan

Sang-Hyuk Doh

Research Manager

New Research

This IDC Market Note highlights the recent city government project in Taiwan, where the Asus OmniThings Cloud platform is selected for the Smart City acceleration program of Hsinchu City. The project could present a strong reference case of...
Korea Internet of Things Competitive Market Analysis, 2017

Jan 2018 - Market Perspective - Doc # AP42163117

by: Min KimSang-Hyuk DohMin-Cheol Kim,  Munsu Choi,  Deok Woong Lee

본 연구에서는 전세계적으로 비즈니스의 화두로 부각되고 있는 IoT(Internet of Things, 사물인터넷)의 국내 경쟁 구도 형성과 그 과정에서 나타난 업체들의 움직임을 살펴본다. 구체적으로는 IDC의 IoT시장 정의와 구분을 기준으로 분류된 각 영역별 특징을 살펴보고, 세부 영역별 주요 사업자들의 움직임 및 전략을 분석한다. 그리고 이러한 경쟁 구도 형성과 사업자들의 움직임에 대한 분석을 바탕으로 국내 IoT시장의 경...
This IDC PeerScape puts forth best practices and guidance which digital commerce and marketing professionals can implement to engage with consumers in their O2O journeys. "Blending digital and physical experiences involves mastery in contex...
This IDC Pivot Table provides the semiannual Asia/Pacific (excluding Japan) datacenter deployment model, which includes the number of datacenter units, number of racks, power, space, and spending forecast through 2021 for installed base dat...
Korea Big Data and Analytics Competitive Landscape and Vendor Analysis 보고서에서는 국내 빅데이터 분석 시장의 주요 솔루션 벤더 및 서비스 사업자의 비즈니스 현황과 제품 그리고 시장 전략을 살펴본다. 그리고, 국내 빅데이터 분석 시장의 주요 벤더간 경쟁 관계에 대해 SI회사 주도의 빅데이터 분석 프로젝트, 인공지능 기반의 빅데이터 분석 서비스, 하둡 기반 솔루션 벤더, 사...
With Asia/Pacific organizations beginning their digital journeys, IDC presents four archetypes of organizational models for digital transformation (DX) that will guide them as they move into the next stages of DX maturity. This study descri...
NEC Global Analyst Summit 2017

Dec 2017 - Market Note - Doc # AP43434817

by: Gerald WangSandra NgChris MorrisChris Barnard

In this report, IDC covered key discussions and announcements shared during NEC Global Analyst Summit in Tokyo from November 7 to 10, 2017. This event occurred alongside the NEC Future Creation Forum as well as the C&C User Forum and iE...
Because of the increased demand for process automation and productivity boost, IDC foresees investment on data technologies to drive such competencies will continue to accelerate in Asia/Pacific (excluding Japan) (APEJ). With the advent of ...
This IDC Survey Spotlight highlights the state of continuous integration and continuous delivery/deployment (CI/CD) and DevOps maturity and adoption in Asia/Pacific (excluding Japan) (APEJ). The survey results are tabulated from the annual ...
本調査レポートでは、企業におけるデジタルトランスフォーメーション(DX:Digital Transformation)ジャーニーの戦略的な青写真を提供する目的で、デジタルネイティブ企業になるために必要な、IDCの10項目のPredictionsについて議論する。これらのテーマのうち6項目のPredictionsは前回から引き継いだものであるが、2018年以降、大幅に加速、進化することが予測される。残りの4項目のPredictionsは、デジタルネイティブ企業になる上で不可欠な...