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Vice President, Digital Innovation, CX & Software, DNB/Start-ups, SMBs, Consumer and Channels Research

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Chris Zhang

Senior Research Manager, IDC Asia/Pacific Software Research Group.

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Research Director, Cloud Services and Software Research, IDC Asia/Pacific

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Group Vice President, Domain Research Group, IDC Asia/Pacific

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Senior Research Manager

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Senior Research Manager

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Market Analyst

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Senior Research Manager

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    本IDC市场看法为零售银行业GenAI应用场景提供指导,须结合IDC关于GenAI技术的其他研究一并阅读。本研究介绍了几个可能为企业带来大幅增长和效率提升的AI和GenAI场景,特别是与零售客户旅程不同环节相关的场景。“GenAI将掀起零售银行业的下一轮颠覆。它不仅会将非结构化数据变成决策参考,还会利用合成数据引入多种新算法。它在图像、文本和语音等伪影生成方面具有颠覆性的能力,可让客户获得即时满足的体验。”IDC亚太区金融洞察研究总监Ashish Kakar表示。
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    This IDC study focuses on sovereign cloud in the Asia/Pacific (excluding Japan) (APEJ) region that is becoming increasingly important due to growing concerns about data privacy, security, and regulatory compliance. This report discusses the...
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    This IDC Market Forecast provides the revenue forecast for India software market for the 2022–2027 period and delivers insight into the drivers of market growth, along with significant market developments."Despite macroeconomic pressures, s...
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    This IDC Market Presentation describes the different application modernization strategies adopted by India organizations. It describes the adoption trends of rehosting, refactoring, rearchitecting, containerization preferences, use case sce...
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    This Market Perspective offers insights into the adoption of value stream management (VSM) in the Asia/Pacific region, which is enhancing operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and reducing time-to-market for businesses. With increa...
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    This IDC Survey Spotlight examines the top generative AI-related business benefits the India C-suite has sought information or advice the most from IT leadership and the top areas for integrating generative AI into existing applications or ...
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    This IDC Survey aims to analyze the progress of digital adoption for India enterprises across key industries amid the challenging business and global economic environment. It analyzes the impact of multiple vectors, including rising inflati...
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    本IDC研究报告介绍了IDC对2024年CIO议程的十大预测。IDC CIO/CXO信息科技智库服务咨询与研究集团副总裁Daniel Saroff表示,"这十大预测构成了一份战略性框架,帮助CIO在未来五年内领导其组织度过一个加速变革和颠覆的时期。同时也阐述了IDC对IT部门将要经历的10个重大转变的展望,助力IT高管制定战略规划。"
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    This IDC Survey presents the findings and analysis from IDC's 2023 Asia/Pacific Cloud Survey. Specifically, this document covers current and future cloud migration and modernization plans in Asia/Pacific. It examines how organizations are a...
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    The IDC Market Note discusses Dynatrace's launch of its AI Observability and Data Observability offerings, designed for large language models (LLMs) and generative AI. The offerings aim to enhance data quality and reduce false positives, wh...

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