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Asia/Pacific Software Team

Polly Chan

Research Manager, Software Research, IDC Asia/Pacific

Sandra Ng

Group Vice President, Practice Group, IDC Asia/Pacific

Daniel-Zoe Jimenez

Research Director Digital Transformation and Big Data/Analytics

Wilvin Chee

Vice President, Worldwide Software and Services Trackers,

Chris Zhang

Research Manager, IDC Asia/Pacific Software Research Group.

Daphne Chung

Research Director, Software, IDC Asia/Pacific

Avneesh Saxena

Group Vice President, Domain Research Group, IDC Asia/Pacific

Gurpal Singh

Senior Market Analyst

Shirley Tsai

Senior Market Analyst, Enterprise Solutions Group, IDC Taiwan

Sang-Hyuk Doh

Research Manager

New Research

1H17 Cloud Services Country Report — Taiwan

Mar 2018 - Market Presentation - Doc # AP43620218

by: Danny KuoIrene LienShirley Tsai

This IDC Presentation provides a detailed analysis of the market and competitive landscape in cloud services in Taiwan from January to June 2017 (1H17). It covers the market size movements and growth trends in cloud-related project-oriented...
On January 30, 2018, SAP announced fiscal 4Q17 and full year 2017 earnings. Here are the highlights for SAP's 4Q17 and overall 2017 performance:
Korea Big Data and Analytics 2017-2021 Forecast

Feb 2018 - Market Forecast - Doc # AP43433618

by: Sang-Hyuk Doh

보고서는 2016년 국내 빅데이터 및 분석 시장 벤더의 주요 동향, 도입 트렌드와 함께 2021년까지의 시장 전망을 다루고 있다. 국내 빅데이터 및 분석 시장의 성장에 긍정적인 영향을 주는 요인과 성장을 저해하는 요소를 분석하였다. 빅데이터 및 분석 시장은 다음의 세부 시장으로 구분되어 있다. 각 세부 시장에 대한 상세한 설명은 보고서 후반의 시장 정의 부분에 상세히 다루고 있다. IDC에서 국내 빅데이터 및 분석 시장 조사를...
This IDC study is designed for IT buyers, business leaders, IT executives, and their teams who are responsible for the creation and delivery of business capabilities. This study presents the APEJ results of IDC's 2017 Digital Transformation...
Korea Internet of Things Competitive Market Analysis, 2016

Jan 2018 - Market Perspective - Doc # AP40283616

by: Min KimMin-Cheol KimSang-Hyuk Doh,  Munsu Choi,  Deok Woong Lee,  Soonyul Chang

본 연구에서는 전세계적으로 비즈니스의 화두로 부각되고 있는 IoT(Internet of Things, 사물인터넷)의 국내 경쟁 구도 형성과 그 과정에서 나타난 업체들의 움직임을 살펴보고자 한다. 구체적으로는 IDC의 IoT시장 정의와 구분을 기준으로 분류된 각 영역별 특징을 살펴보고, 세부 영역별 주요 사업자들의 움직임 및 전략을 분석한다. 그리고 이러한 경쟁 구도 형성과 사업자들의 움직임에 대한 분석을 바탕으로 국내 IoT시...
This IDC FutureScape provides the Asia/Pacific (excluding Japan) regionalization of the Worldwide Digital Transformation FutureScape for 2018. This IDC FutureScape delivers an outlook view of the ICT industry as it relates to tech buyers' r...
"The cloud systems management software market will see greater adoption in the region coming in from the next level of tools that will be mainly used to manage multicloud environments, enhancing user experience and the integration of API to...
IDC FutureScape: Worldwide CIO Agenda 2018 Predictions — APEJ Implications

Jan 2018 - Tech Buyer Presentation - Doc # AP43509718

by: Sandra Ng

This IDC Presentation discusses the Asia/Pacific (excluding Japan) (APEJ) regionalization of the Worldwide CIO Agenda FutureScape for 2018. It provides an outlook of the CIO agenda as it relates to CIOs/IT executives' road map, priorities, ...
This IDC FutureScape introduces Asia/Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ) strategic top predictions for 2018 and beyond that will likely impact across enterprises and the time it will take for the predictions to reach the mainstream. It also disc...
This IDC Presentation discusses the Asia/Pacific (excluding Japan) regionalization of the IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Cloud 2018 Predictions (IDC #, October 2017). Each prediction is presented based on the timeline projection, complexity ass...