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Asia/Pacific Client Devices Team

Kenneth Liew

Senior Research Manager, Client Devices

Bryan Ma

Vice President, Client Devices, IDC Asia/Pacific and Worldwide

Sang Jun Kwon

Sr. Research Manager

Kiranjeet Kaur

Research Manager, Client Devices, IDC Asia/Pacific

Sue Tee Gan

Market Analyst

Huey Theng Low

Associate Market Analyst

Xiaohan Tay

Senior Market Analyst, Client Devices Research

Peggy Cheung

Research Manager

Joey Yen

Senior Research Manager, PC & Peripherals Group, IDC Taiwan

Upasana Joshi

Sr. Market Analyst

Yang-Lin Lim

Senior Market Analyst, Client Devices, IDC Asia/Pacific

Samuel Reynolds

Market Analyst

New Research

India, with 1.3 billion people, presents a huge opportunity for mobile phone industry players to target the country's untapped population and enroll people in their respective mobile ecosystems. The challenge is that most of the users are e...
Mobile Phone Market Qualitatives 3Q17

Jan 2018 - Market Presentation - Doc # AP42739218

by: Xiaohan TayKiranjeet Kaur

This IDC Presentation provides a graphic overview of the state of the mobile phone market in Asia/Pacific. Figures include units per product category, screen size segment, and top vendors according to the latest tracker publication of 3Q17....
On December 5, 2017, Qualcomm announced an update to the Always Connected PC in partnership with Microsoft at its Second Annual Snapdragon Technology Summit. Products announced include a 13.3in. ASUS convertible and a 12.3in. HP Inc. detach...
This IDC Presentation gives an overview of the Asia/Pacific (excluding Japan and China) PC market results by country for 3Q17, including a summary of key events that impacted the market, an overview of trends in the consumer and commercial ...
In this presentation, IDC gives an overview of the Asia/Pacific (excluding Japan and China) PC market forecast by country, including key forecast assumptions and a summary of main events expected to impact the PC market in 4Q17.
In this presentation, IDC gives an overview of the Asia/Pacific (excluding Japan) PC device market results for 3Q17 and market forecast update, including summary of key events that impacted the market, overview of trends in the consumer and...
Virtual Reality Arcades in Asia

Dec 2017 - Market Note - Doc # AP43233117

by: Bryan Ma

This IDC Market Note takes a look at virtual reality (VR) arcades in Asia, including some of the companies and technologies powering them. "Given the complications of at-home PC-based VR systems, pay-per-use location-based entertainment ven...
The fundamental shifts in demography, evolving consumer preferences, and how products and services are consumed today in an always connected digital world are rewriting the rules of engagement for enterprises. Digital disruptors such as Ali...
A Quick Glance at Mobile Phone AI

Nov 2017 - Market Note - Doc # AP43208217

by: Bryan MaChwee Kan ChuaRamon T. Llamas

This IDC Market Note examines on-device artificial intelligence (AI), particularly as smartphones like the Apple iPhone X and Huawei Mate 10 are increasingly being marketed with AI features."On-device AI will be a big buzzword for new phone...
The Xbox One X, Microsoft's latest console, launched worldwide on November 7, 2017 with the Asia/Pacific being the first market to make it available due to time zones. "While the console market segment is growing, Asia/Pacific remains a mar...