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Asia/Pacific Client Devices Team

Kenneth Liew

Senior Research Manager, Client Devices

Bryan Ma

Vice President, Client Devices, IDC Asia/Pacific and Worldwide

Sang Jun Kwon

Sr. Research Manager

Kiranjeet Kaur

Research Manager, Client Devices, IDC Asia/Pacific

Sue Tee Gan

Market Analyst

Huey Theng Low

Associate Market Analyst

Xiaohan Tay

Senior Market Analyst, Client Devices Research

Peggy Cheung

Research Manager

Joey Yen

Senior Research Manager, PC & Peripherals Group, IDC Taiwan

Upasana Joshi

Sr. Market Analyst

Yang-Lin Lim

Senior Market Analyst, Client Devices, IDC Asia/Pacific

Samuel Reynolds

Market Analyst

New Research

The fundamental shifts in demography, evolving consumer preferences, and how products and services are consumed today in an always connected digital world are rewriting the rules of engagement for enterprises. Digital disruptors such as Ali...
A Quick Glance at Mobile Phone AI

Nov 2017 - Market Note - Doc # AP43208217

by: Bryan MaChwee Kan ChuaRamon T. Llamas

This IDC Market Note examines on-device artificial intelligence (AI), particularly as smartphones like the Apple iPhone X and Huawei Mate 10 are increasingly being marketed with AI features."On-device AI will be a big buzzword for new phone...
The Xbox One X, Microsoft's latest console, launched worldwide on November 7, 2017 with the Asia/Pacific being the first market to make it available due to time zones. "While the console market segment is growing, Asia/Pacific remains a mar...
OPPO, a China-based smartphone company, has quickly risen to the global top 5 smartphone vendor list and is challenging existing players, such as Samsung and Apple, with its cash-intensive marketing, astute distribution, and focused sales p...
Gaming Monitors in Asia/Pacific (Excluding Japan) Market Analysis and Sizing

Oct 2017 - Market Presentation - Doc # AP43170717

by: Samuel Reynolds,  Serine Hooi

This IDC Presentation provides a high-level, regional look at the gaming monitor industry within the Asia/Pacific (excluding Japan) region. In addition, this presentation also provides some analyses and recommendations on how a vendor shoul...
Mobile Phone Market Qualitatives, 2Q17

Oct 2017 - Market Presentation - Doc # AP42150317

by: Xiaohan TayKiranjeet Kaur

This IDC Presentation provides a graphic overview of the state of the mobile phone market in Asia/Pacific. Figures include units per product category, screen size segment, and top vendors according to the latest tracker publication of 2Q17....
Korea PC End User Channel Analysis: 2017 Q1 Review

Oct 2017 - Market Presentation - Doc # AP41162017

by: Sang Jun Kwon

2017년 1분기 국내 PC 판매량은 151만대로 전년 대비 3.0% 증가하였다. 오프라인 채널은 데스크톱 48만대, 노트북 44만대, 전체 93만대 판매하여 전년 대비 1.5% 증가하였다. 교육 및 대기업 부문의 수요 증가로 딜러 판매와 직접 판매는 늘어난 반면, 벤더 전속점, 양판점은 온라인 채널로의 전환 및 PC 보다는 프리미엄 가전, 스마트폰에 집중한 결과 판매가 감소하였다.온라인 채널은 데스크톱 12만대, 노트북 46...
Korea PC End User Channel Analysis: 2017 Q2 Review

Oct 2017 - Market Presentation - Doc # AP42164217

by: Sang Jun Kwon

2017년 2분기 국내 PC 판매량은 100만대로 전년 대비 2.4% 감소하였다. 오프라인 채널은 데스크톱 38만대, 노트북 23만대, 전체 62만대 판매하여 전년 대비 4.0% 감소하였다. 공공 부문의 물량 확대로 딜러 판매는 증가한 반면, 기업 수요는 약화되어 직접 판매는 감소하였다. 양판점은 데스크톱 라인업을 슬림화 한 반면, 할인점은 공격적인 영업으로 감소폭은 비교적 낮았다.온라인 채널은 데스크톱 10만대, 노트북 27...
Korea PC Market Analysis: 2017 Q2 Review

Oct 2017 - Market Presentation - Doc # AP42164417

by: Sang Jun Kwon

2017년 2분기 국내 PC 출하량은 100만대로 전년 수준을 유지하였으며, 매출은 4.8% 성장하였다. 2016년 하반기부터 국내 PC 수요을 이끌었던 교육 부문의 교체 물량은 대부분 완료된 반면, 공공 부문은 노후화된 PC 교체 및 랜섬웨어 공격 이후 보안 강화의 목적으로 망분리 PC를 도입하는 등 적극적인 모습을 보이고 있다.고해상도 그래픽 게임이 순위권에 자리매김함에 따라 외장 그래픽카드를 장착한 게이밍 PC 수요가 계...
This IDC Presentation provides an overview of the Asia/Pacific (excluding Japan and China) PC market forecast by country, including key forecast assumptions and a summary of main events that are expected to impact the PC market in 3Q17.