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IDC Retail Insights Team

Victoria Brown

Senior Research Analyst

Robert Eastman

Research Manager

Simon Ellis

Program Vice President

Mike Ghasemi

Research Director

Greg Girard

Program Director, Worldwide Omni-Channel Retail Analytics Strategies

Leslie Hand

Vice President

Giulio Raffaele

Senior Research Analyst

Michael Sek Pheng Yeo

Research Manager

Robert Parker

Group Vice President

Ivano Ortis

Vice President, IDC Financial Insights, IDC Manufacturing Insights, IDC Retail Insights

Andrea Sangalli

Associate Research Director

Ashley Gilliam

Consulting Vice President

Christopher Holmes

Managing Director - IDC Insights Asia Pacific

New Research
This IDC Perspective describes NCR's Synergy 2017 event held in Kissimmee, FL, on June 26-28, 2017. The event, themed "connected experiences," highlighted NCR's evolution of its products and capabilities to deliver to the connected consumer...
This IDC study discusses how engineering-oriented value chains (automotive, aerospace, machinery, and equipment) are on a mission to digitally transform to create an ecosystem-based experience.According to IDC's Group Vice President Bob Par...
This IDC study discusses how asset-oriented value chains (chemicals, metals, and pulp/paper) are on a mission to digitally transform to develop a model for collaborative innovation.IDC's Group Vice President Bob Parker said, "Companies in t...
Transportation Management in the Cloud

Sep 2017 - IDC Perspective - Doc # US43045817

by: John SantagateVictoria Brown

This IDC Perspective takes a look at the trends and the market relative to transportation management systems (TMS) in the cloud. Supply chain management applications are increasingly being deployed on the cloud as vendors focus on deliverin...
IDC Market Glance: Experiential Retail, 3Q17

Sep 2017 - Market Presentation - Doc # US43068917

by: Leslie Hand

This IDC Market Glance presents a high-level view of the leaders and innovators in each of the digitally transformed retail technology categories that IDC adapted from our DX Taxonomy of Use Cases for Retail. Future IDC retail technology Ma...
Analyzing the Körber Acquisition of HighJump

Sep 2017 - IDC Perspective - Doc # US43040317

by: Victoria BrownJohn Santagate

This IDC Perspective highlights Körber AG's acquisition of HighJump. Supply chain technology provider, HighJump, was recently acquired by Körber AG. Along with this acquisition, HighJump not only gained a parent company excited to invest in...
This IDC study describes how brand-oriented value chains (food and beverage, health and beauty, toys, sporting goods, and household) are on a mission to digitally transform to create engaging consumer (and customer) experiences at scale.Sup...
This IDC study discusses how technology-oriented value chains (TOVCs) are on a mission to digitally transform to create integrated products and services in such a way that innovation accelerates and enables additional revenue throughout the...
A Visit to JDA Labs: Innovating in a Mature Market

Sep 2017 - IDC Perspective - Doc # US43024017

by: Victoria BrownJohn Santagate

This IDC Perspective explores how JDA has taken a mature market head-on to innovate and bring 3rd Platform accelerators into play through collaborative efforts, both internally and externally.Supply chain technologies have been around for a...
This IDC Perspective provides updates on Infor from the annual Inforum event held in New York City on July 10 and 12, 2017. The document also discusses some of the recent announcements related to Infor's artificial intelligence (AI) and bus...