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Internet of Things (IoT) Team

Abhi Dugar

Research Director, Network Infrastructure and IoT Security

Adam Wright

Senior Research Analyst, Internet of Things: Consumer

Ashish Nadkarni

Group Vice President, Infrastructure Platforms and Technologies

Carrie MacGillivray

Group Vice President, Internet of Things & Mobility

Dan Vesset

Group Vice President, Analytics and Information Management

Hugh Ujhazy

Associate Vice President, IoT and Telecommunications

Ko Shikita

Research Manager, Communications, IDC Japan

Mario Morales

Program Vice President, Enabling Technologies and Semiconductors

Meredith Whalen

Senior Vice President, IT Executive, Software, Services and Industry Research

Milan Kalal

Program Manager, Internet of Things, Central and Eastern Europe

Monika Kumar

Group Vice President, Customer Insights & Analysis

Nigel Wallis

Research Vice President, IoT and Industries

Ramon T. Llamas

Research Director, Mobile Devices and AR/VR

Rebecca Segal

Group Vice President, Worldwide Services

Richard L. Villars

Research Vice President, Datacenter & Cloud

Yuta Torisu

Senior Market Analyst, Communications, IDC Japan

Sean Pike

Program Vice President, Security Products

Stacy Crook

Research Director, Internet of Things

Robert Westervelt

Research Director, Security Products

New Research

本Conference: Tech SupplierはIDC Japan コミュニケーションズのリサーチマネージャーである敷田 康による講演の内容をプレゼンテーションスライドと音声ファイルによって提供するものである。今後、車に対する「所有から利用へ」の意識が広がると予測され、自動車メーカーは将来的な収益性に対する危機感から、車のコネクテッド化を推進し、モビリティサービスプラットフォーマー企業へのシフトを図っている。この新しい収益モデル構築のための取り組みは、さまざまなパートナ...
本Conference: Tech Supplierは、IDC Japan コミュニケーションズのシニアマーケットアナリストである鳥巣 悠太による講演の内容をプレゼンテーションスライドと音声ファイルによって提供するものである。国内では先進企業を中心に、IoTで収集するデータを始め、さまざまなデジタルデータを分析し、DXを進める事例が増えている。一方、その他多くの企業は、データの収集/分析の重要性は認識しつつも、DXに向けたアイデアがない、必要なデータを十分に確保できない、Po...
IDC Market Glance: Digital Disruptors, 2Q18

Jun 2018 - Market Presentation - Doc # US44024718

by: Meredith Whalen

This IDC Market Glance takes a look at the landscape of digital disruptors. We have defined digital disruptors as start-ups that are using technology and alterative business models to disrupt traditional industries.
5G Network Transformation: The Move to Service-Oriented Architectures

Jun 2018 - Technology Assessment - Doc # AP42740618

by: Bill RojasHugh Ujhazy,  Shiv Putcha

We review the current progress of 5G New Radio and core network (CN) standardization and discuss different migration and 5G CN deployment scenarios for mobile network operators. Regulators have started to allocate spectrum blocks for 5G in ...
Opportunities in the IoT Services Market

Jun 2018 - Market Presentation - Doc # US44071818

by: Rebecca Segal

This presentation highlights key buyer and supply side trends in the market for Internet of Things-related services. The presentation was given in March 2018 to an audience of IT services firms primarily serving the middle market.
This IDC study looks into the eDiscovery services market. It discusses overall market dynamics, analyzes the competitive landscape, and provides a quantitative assessment of the biggest vendors in the market."The worldwide eDiscovery servic...
This IDC Market Perspective discusses significant developments in the networking and communications infrastructure market during CY 1Q18. The scope of discussion covers end users such as hyperscale datacenter operators and telecommunication...
This IDC study provides worldwide security as a service market shares for 2017."No doubt about, security as a service is becoming the mainstream medium for security product delivery. Physical appliances were expensive, and enterprise softwa...
IDC TechBrief: Key Management as a Service

Jun 2018 - IDC TechBrief - Doc # US43980118

by: Robert WesterveltSean Pike

This IDC TechBrief provides IT and business executives with an executive snapshot on key management-as-a-service offerings, with specific analysis on the benefits, risks, adoption rates, success factors, select products, metrics, and invest...
Extending the IoT Platform to the Edge

Jun 2018 - Market Perspective - Doc # US43303518

by: Stacy Crook

This IDC Market Perspective discusses IoT edge software platforms."Edge computing is growing increasingly important in IoT environments with intermittent access to connectivity, low tolerance for network latency, or high security requiremen...